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ShareTweetRedditAlong with the advent of blockchain, artificial intelligence is an innovation that could change the world. As cryptocurrencies have grown more popular in use and application, so too are the… Continue reading "Five Blockchain Projects Using Artificial Intelli...
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This article is the second part of a series on how Cortex brings AI on the blockchain. In these overviews, I will provide outlines of why…
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SingularityNET allows multiple AI computing agents to work as a whole to provide various services in a distributed and decentralized way.
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Our platform team and core AI team is complemented by specialized teams devoted to application areas such as robotics and biomedical AI. Our robotics work is carried out in close collaboration with Hanson Robotics, the world’s leading humanoid robotics company, and a co-founder of SingularityNET. Our Ethiopia team focuses a portion of its time on applications of AI to aid the developing world, but currently has a greater focus on assisting with OpenCog, biomedical and computer vision applications.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup SingularityNET, recently covered by Wired as “the most tech-hype idea of the year,” wants to democratize AI research and facilitate the emergence of human-level AI on a decentralized, open-source platform. SingularityNET operates on a ...
We bring robots to life. Hanson Robotics is an AI and robotics company dedicated to creating socially intelligent machines that enrich the quality of our lives. Why human-like robots? Robots will soon be everywhere. How can we nurture them to be our friends and useful collabo...
Dr. Ben Goertzel is the founder and CEO of SingularityNET, a blockchain-based AI marketplace.
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