⧉infominer 05-Oct-18 05:38 AM
to be clear, if it begins a sentence the D in DApp is capitalized, in the middle of a sentence it isn't —dApp
⧉infominer 08-Oct-18 02:32 AM
Decentralized Applications White Paper and Spec. Contribute to DavidJohnstonCEO/DecentralizedApplications development by creating an account on GitHub.
⧉infominer 03-Nov-18 11:34 AM
Providing a good user experience is fundamental to building good products. This is one of the most important aspects that drive user…
⧉infominer 09-Dec-18 12:10 AM
Ethereum is now three years in the making. Vitalik Buterin, the Russian-Canadian whizkid who co-founded the platform, hoped that popular Dapps (decentralized applications) would become the new normal. Little did he know that his smart contract blockchain would wind up being a...
⧉infominer 23-Dec-18 03:16 AM
What if other businesses worked like dapps do today? At Mainframe, we're making it easier to turn your dapp ideas into a reality. Go to https://mainframe.com...
⧉infominer 11-Mar-19 10:21 PM
Which types of use cases will favor smart-contracts and which will favor dappchains? (I contend that it may be difficult for a cryptonetwork to do both well, so it becomes an important question)
⧉infominer 30-Apr-19 09:24 AM
Here’s a hint: 19 of them are BUIDLing with Ethereum.