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Paul Brassil, vice president of information technology at the Boston branch of the Federal Reserve System stated that blockchain tech can disrupt central banking as any other industry. Speaking at...
The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s chairman, Cristopher Giancarlo, has recently made some waves following blockchain-related comments made at a Congressional public hearing this week. The hearing was dubbed ”Examining the Upcoming Agenda for the CFTC”, and wa...
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At @defcon hacking conference and just learned how easy it is to physically gain admin access on a voting machine that is used in 18 states. Requires no tools and takes under 2 minutes. I’m concerned for our upcoming elections.
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Multi-UN Agency Platform
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Dubai aiming to be blockchain capital of the world, says director general of Smart Dubai
Today, more than 100 blockchain projects created to transform government systems are being conducted in more than 30 countries. What leads countries rapidly initiate blockchain projects? I argue that...
-How blockchain technology could change our lives - European Parliment Research Service (edited)
-Blockchain in Government 2017-Q3 - Learning Machine (thorough collection of governments working on blockchain) (edited)
Blockchain’s influence in the public sector will be mostly behind the scenes. But the technology has the potential to bring security, efficiency, and speed to a wide range of services and processes. How should government agencies look to incorporate blockchain into the way ...
The Department of Homeland Security has a vital mission: to secure the nation from the many threats we face.
Jan 04, 2018 - by Priyankar Bhunia - was launched by the Dutch Public Service in 2016 to establish the opportunities and threats of blockchain technology. -
The Netherlands’ blockchain hackathon –which claims to be the world’s largest — doesn’t just attract geeks and entrepreneurs behind hot…
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US Commodity Futures Trading Commission Commissioner Rostin Behnam labeled cryptocurrencies as a “modern miracle” at a recent summit, sharing a bullish stance on virtual currencies and predicting that blockchain technology will remake economic, social and political struct...
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1. Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and The United Nations: A Chronological Tweet Storm In 2010 the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development [CSTD] proposed the introduction of a technology-driven universal currency.
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The central bank of India has reportedly formed a special unit tasked to track emerging technologies such as those related to cryptocurrencies. Its members will be expected to research, draft rules, and, in the future, supervise the development of digital assets, blockchain a...
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Startup will help Franklin County auditor's office manage the backend of a forfeiture auction
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The Russian state-owned conglomerate will develop a blockchain to manage data on its vast holdings, which include car, helicopter and firearms makers.
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Overstock will pay a portion of its business taxes in Ohio in Bitcoin, as the Amazon rival continues to make way for a full-blown bet on cryptocurrency.
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NASA proposed an air traffic management blockchain based on the Hyperledger Fabric open-source software.
Report: Distributed Ledger Technologies in Public Services: #dlt #blockchain #publicservices