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This report zooms in on the potential of blockchain to transform scholarly communication and research in general.By describing important initiatives in this field, it highlights how blockchain can touch many critical aspects of scholarly communication, including transparency,...
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Scientific publishing as an industry has undergone a fair amount of disruption in recent years. With the increased popularity and prevalence of
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The 1st researcher-centric communication, collaboration and attribution platform powered by blockchain – with proof-of-existence and real-time, permanent, citing for all scientific and scholarly works
We are combining collaboration, funding and publishing with the help of blockchain to solve the requirements of every researcher, scientist and academic. With the help of Ethereum Smart Contracts and IPFS we manage to create the most efficient, intuitive and transparent ecosy...
Orvium is the first open source and decentralized framework powered by Blockchain for managing scholarly publication's life cycles and the associated data. Orvium improves the quality and effectiveness of scientific publishing while returning the benefits ...
Last year, the Guardian newspaper ran a lengthy but engaging article outlining how a small group of powerful publishing companies have been exercising stranglehold over the science community. The piece explained the contradictions associated with the
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tl;dr: You can now use our searchable database to download Bitcoin timestamps for items in the Internet Archive.
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AP has signed a two-part deal with blockchain journalism start-up Civil regarding AP materials.
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Here at Civil, our mission from day one has been to create a platform to support sustainable journalism, with the help of blockchain…
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Is Bitchute the only Bitcoin enabled alternative to YouTube? I want to move my channel off YouTube.
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Do token curated registries (TCRs) have potential to contribute to a decentralized advertising future? Here's an in-depth look with project lead Mike Goldin
Curated list of awesome Token Curated Registry (TCR) resources. - miguelmota/awesome-token-curated-registries