⧉infominer 10-Aug-18 09:20 PM
A fun and easy-to-use microblogging app whose data lives on the blockchain (not controlled by any corporation or government).
⧉infominer 06-Sep-18 10:24 PM (edited)
The social network that gives you more Data privacy. Censorship Resistance. Content monetization. (edited)
⧉infominer 12-Oct-18 03:41 PM
Curated list of awesome Mastodon-related stuff! Contribute to tleb/awesome-mastodon development by creating an account on GitHub.
⧉infominer 16-Jun-19 04:13 PM
They banned us from Paypal, Stripe, Square, Coinbase, Bitpay, and more. They blacklisted us. So we became a bitcoin-first business. We introduced bitcoin to nearly a million users in January. You can't shut down our @BtcpayServer. Who is laughing now?