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Are you just hearing about Corda for the first time? Want to understand how Corda differs from other platforms and how its unique…
UPDATE: The Corda introductory whitepaper is now available! And this blog post gives more context. As reported in Bloomberg this morning, I’m delighted to confirm that R3 and our member banks are w…
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Pretty balanced piece from @DelRayMan on R3 Stats at the end of the article caught my eye: # of devs committing to Corda “has increased over the past year based on Github data, while those … using ethereum-based Quorum have almost ceased to ...
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see also #deleted-channel
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"we foresee a transition from IT infrastructures that are developed and optimised at the level of individual firms to IT infrastructures that are developed and optimised at the level of markets and industries"
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Or “How I woke up one day and realised Corda was the world’s most compelling tokenisation platform”
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If you're new to Corda or the R3 ecosystem, I agree this three-year retrospective talk by Mike Hearn at CordaCon2018 is an excellent intro! All the videos from the conference are on YouTube: and
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the article from @gendal unfairly conflates the probabilistic finalility of PoW (exploited in ETC) with everything else "Ethereum" which is a guilt by association fallacy. 3 years ago I wrote a concise argument about "settlement finality" for Tabb:
A quick thread below on why this new BIS paper from Raphael Auer is a must-read for regulators, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and regulated financial institutions:
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SWIFT, a messaging network that financial institutions use primarily to facilitate international money transfers, will integrate R3 technology as first reported by CoinDesk. Speaking at the Paris Fintech Forum today, Gottfried Leibbrandt, CEO of SWIFT said that the detail...