⧉infominer 10-Jul-19 11:27 PM
BREAKING: Blockstack received SEC qualification; first-ever SEC-qualified token offering in US history.
⧉infominer 11-Jul-19 03:35 PM
Launch HN: Stacks (YC S14) – The first SEC-qualified crypto token offering | Hacker News
I'm Muneeb, CEO & Co-founder of Blockstack PBC (YC S14). Blockstack is a decentralized computing network. We currently have 165+ apps built on top ( Today we're launching Stacks to the public, the first SEC-qualified crypto token offering.First, a litt...
⧉infominer 11-Jul-19 03:48 PM
Introducing Clarity, a language for predictable smart contracts — Blockstack
We’re excited to introduce the Clarity smart contract language that optimizes for predictability and security. Clarity is currently in developer
⧉infominer 11-Jul-19 06:24 PM
@Archviz checkit
particularly the hackernews thread I enjoyed, just above the clarity post
⧉infominer 14-Jul-19 04:49 PM
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⧉infominer 30-Jul-19 09:17 PM
@Cypherm0nk wins with his coverage here: He mentioned wanting to donate to the amount, so I await his decision.
⧉infominer 10-Aug-19 10:29 PM
The reference implementation of Blockstack. Contribute to blockstack/blockstack-core development by creating an account on GitHub.
The Blockstack Browser. Contribute to blockstack/blockstack-browser development by creating an account on GitHub.