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A new EOS client has been released, and it has a focus on providing a fully immersive crypto workspace. Unlike most clients, which run as a windowed application, EOS Desktop resembles a full desktop environment. The project was developed by Errick Benson Peart, an attorney tu...
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DappRadar provides information and insights about all the existing dapps! At the tap of your finger, find the most successful and used decentralized games, casinos, and marketplaces, among others.
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A spreadsheet has been leaked, allegedly authored by Shi Feifei, a Huobi employee. Titled “Huobi Pool Node Account Data 20180911,” the document details mutual voting and sharing of proceeds from producing...
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Awesome EOS - a curated list of awesome EOS 😎. Contribute to EOS-Nation/Awesome-EOS development by creating an account on GitHub.
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A blockchain benchmarking firm, commissioned by ConsenSys, has made a pretty startling accusation: EOS is not really a blockchain.
⧉infominer 04-Nov-18 01:30 PM
Many have claimed distributed apps [dApps] are the next frontier in the blockchain space. Recently, prominent dApp blockchains Ethereum [ETH] and EOS saw about 65000 daily active users on their platforms. dApps are similar to existing applications, instead offering decentrali...
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Usually I don't feel compelled to respond to threads like this, but this has 88 RTs despite being full of misinformation. Getting the facts right is important, since it helps people make informed decisions. https://t.co/Ln1tvAqW4R
Cartels are a thing. If you only have 21 participants, as in EOS, they'll form cartels. PoW miners also form cartels, with the net effect of orphaning newcomers' blocks. The solution is to switch to protocols that enable broader participation. https://t.co/WPLuTslXnb
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Ultra, the company building a first-class PC game publishing platform and marketplace that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly,...
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[this is where a previous version of this article was to be found]
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We at the EOS Alliance are delighted to get poked, prodded and challenged because we are, to use Nassim Taleb’s term, “antifragile”. As a…
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1/ Instead of discussing a BTC mining death spiral, perhaps we should be talking about EOS Block Producers turning off their operations. Although the narrative is that EOS BPs are financially well-off, many are currently underwater...
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How did the greatest strength of EOS (its speed) turn into its greatest vulnerability? For the answer, follow the white rabbit: https://t.co/PxgRWeeo7K #EOS #EOSIO @greymass @EosSweden @EOS_CryptoLions @EOSTribe @EOS_Canada @eosriobrazil @EOS42io
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Billionaire moneymen Peter Thiel, Alan Howard and Louis Bacon have seen plenty of big paydays-but probably none as unusual as this one.