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(A lightweight scaling solution for Ethereum)
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Members Request Digital Identity, Energy and MultiPlatform Working Groups NEW YORK, N.Y., USA – December 19, 2017 ––The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative, launched today three new mem...
In my opinion, the current sharding spec as described here is basically already good enough to get us to thousands of transactions per second with reasonable security properties, as well as the ability to add cross...
⧉infominer 10-Aug-18 08:40 PM
Learn How an Ethereum Transaction is Created and Propagated to the Network
⧉infominer 10-Aug-18 09:35 PM - Casper Research Paper (edited)
⧉infominer 11-Aug-18 08:59 PM
wiki - The Ethereum Wiki
⧉infominer 13-Aug-18 01:23 PM
My stuff goes here.
⧉infominer 13-Aug-18 10:11 PM
What on Earth is ERC725? The Answer to the Question of Self-Sovereign Identity Management on Blockchain The one response that dApps, and the blockchain world for that matter, can give to the world …
⧉infominer 14-Aug-18 01:59 PM
Cryptocurrency supply models have long been a hot topic of conversation and no one has the “right” answer. However, I do think there are…
⧉infominer 14-Aug-18 02:28 PM
I’ve been helping people launch ethereum projects for a long time now, so I usually anticipate all the same questions: yes, users need…
⧉infominer 16-Aug-18 05:46 PM
1. Today I am going to make a tweet storm explaining the history and state of Ethereum's Casper research, including the FFG vs CBC wars, the hybrid => full switch, the role of randomness, mechanism design issues, and more.
⧉infominer 16-Aug-18 09:09 PM
Ethereum Projects Ethereum Projects Project Name, Rep Name, Position, Twitter, Medium, Reddit Aragon Project, https:// twitter. com/ aragonproject, https:// blog. aragon. one, https:// www. reddit. com/ r/ aragonproject/ Luis Cuende, Project Lead, https:// twitter. com/ ...
⧉infominer 18-Aug-18 09:01 PM
Ethereum is easy and fun, but it is also relatively new. The developer solutions today are going through the teething stage - so, it’s new and cool but also slightly painful. As an example, take data extraction from the Ethereum blockchain. I’ve been keeping an ...
By Alejandro Santander in collaboration with Leo Arias.
⧉infominer 19-Aug-18 04:21 AM
DappRadar provides information and insights about all the existing dapps! At the tap of your finger, find the most successful and used decentralized games, casinos, and marketplaces, among others.
⧉infominer 21-Aug-18 05:44 PM This is a weekly reddit post (by the concourse community) to note particularly bad ethereum tokens.
⧉infominer 22-Aug-18 11:23 PM
See Also #🦄ethereum-dev for developing with ethereum resources (edited)
⧉infominer 22-Aug-18 11:43 PM
Going into the weekend, the Ethereum Foundation declared its 'Wave 3' grants for projects in the Ethereum ecosystem focused on scaling, security, education, and more. The new round suggests technical progress is -- and will be -- coming along steadily for the most popular cry...
⧉infominer 23-Aug-18 12:01 AM
What Vitalik Buterin’s tweetstorm means for the future Ethereum blockchain
⧉infominer 23-Aug-18 12:45 AM
We’ve had great traction with our support of Ethereum on Azure. The existing Proof-of-Work solution has been deployed tens of thousands of times across a variety of industry verticals.
⧉infominer 25-Aug-18 10:23 PM
#Ethereum is pretty much one big giant ponzi scheme. "Every trade, buy or sell, has a 10% flat transaction fee applied. Instead of this going to the exchange, the fee is split between all currently held token holders.."
^^^ interesting discussion
⧉infominer 26-Aug-18 12:49 AM
News and LinksProtocol • Latest core devs call. Lane’s notes. • [Casper] Vitalik Buterin’s 75 tweets on the history and current plans of Casper • [Casper] Latest Casper standup • [Casper] Censorship...
⧉infominer 28-Aug-18 10:05 AM
Plugin to the future with MetaMask and this light hearted yet informative tutorial. In under 5 minutes, you'll be navigating the Ethereum Blockchain like a w...
⧉infominer 30-Aug-18 07:09 PM
I just published “Atomic on-chain ETH to off-chain BTC swap”
⧉infominer 04-Sep-18 12:52 AM
Technical guide to localethereum's peer-to-peer marketplace. Learn about the cryptography behind the popular self-custodial end-to-end encrypted marketplace, and the unique design decisions that went into developing the platform. Localethereum is the private, secure and intui...
⧉infominer 13-Sep-18 09:03 AM
Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, recently shared his view on whether development should focused on the layer 1 or layer 2 functionalities in blockchains. He presents his point by mentioning that debates regarding the scaling of blockchains is common, in circumstances, su...
Internet giant Google has expanded its big data analytics with the inclusion of tools to explore the Ethereum blockchain.
We propose a design for philanthropic or publicly-funded seeding to allow (near) optimal provision of a decentralized, self-organizing ecosystem of public goods
⧉infominer 13-Sep-18 10:08 AM
A new paper by Vitalik Buterin and other researchers proposes a novel way to finance the public goods a decentralized ecosystem needs.
⧉infominer 22-Sep-18 08:53 PM
Google's BigQuery visualization of the Ethereum blockchain. Is the green "head" the mixer? HT Eric Meltzer & @nic__carter
⧉infominer 22-Sep-18 09:37 PM
Ethereum’s roadmap is ambitious. In our last article, we described the Ethereum 2.0 vision.
⧉infominer 23-Sep-18 06:09 AM
Why was Casper FFG — a partial Proof-of-Stake algorithm on top of Proof-of-Work — deprecated?
⧉infominer 27-Sep-18 10:50 PM
This is joint work/post with Ian Miers, Oded Naor, and Ari Juels. Recently, a number of proposals and applications have evolved on Ethereum that require voting; from contracts that use voting-based DAOs for governance or other administrative tasks, to boardroom-like votes to...
⧉infominer 29-Sep-18 09:39 PM
What Vitalik Buterin’s tweetstorm means for the future Ethereum blockchain
⧉infominer 02-Oct-18 08:20 PM
Do not be fooled by his timid, geeky looks nor his love for cats. Being the founder of Ethereum, he's on a mission to conquer the world of cryptocurrency with his intelligence. Read more about this visionary here.
⧉infominer 03-Oct-18 05:01 PM
History of Ethereum - A brief description of the significant milestones of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and its planned future roadmap. A quick guide to ETH history.
⧉infominer 03-Oct-18 08:01 PM
Although the ideas behind the current Ethereum protocol have largely been stable for two years, Ethereum did not emerge all at once, in its current conceptio...
⧉infominer 03-Oct-18 08:12 PM
⧉infominer 04-Oct-18 06:30 PM
Vitalik Buterin invented the world’s hottest new cryptocurrency and inspired a movement — before he’d turned 20.
⧉infominer 04-Oct-18 07:14 PM
Though he’s not yet 25 years old, Vitalik Buterin has become one of the most influential figures in cryptocurrency and decentralized applications by creating Ethereum. By introducing support …
⧉infominer 08-Oct-18 12:50 AM
Most ethereum scaling technologies are a far from completed, but OpenST says it's got a solution that's ready for the "here and now."
⧉infominer 08-Oct-18 01:25 AM
Out of the Memory Hole I wrote an article a couple years ago called “Who Controls Bitcoin?” which argues that it is not the miners or the core devs who control Bitcoin; rather, it is the investors. Recently, a fork occurred in the Ethereum blockchain which is illustrating...
⧉infominer 28-Oct-18 01:24 AM
The Ethereum Wiki. Contribute to ethereum/wiki development by creating an account on GitHub.
⧉infominer 29-Oct-18 10:44 PM
@JihanWu @rogerkver The very earliest versions of ETH protocol were a counterparty-style metacoin on top of primecoin. Not Bitcoin because the OP_RETURN wars were happening at the time and...
⧉infominer 30-Oct-18 06:21 AM
⧉infominer 31-Oct-18 10:34 PM
Ethereum’s roadmap is ambitious. In our last article, we described the Ethereum 2.0 vision.
⧉infominer 01-Nov-18 10:50 PM
Ethereum is a computing platform running on computers all over the world. To run programs on the network you pay Ether (ETH); you can program on the Ethereum network using a language named Solidity
^^ this site is kinda neat
has ELI5 ELIStoner\philosopher ELINerd ELISkeptic and soforth
⧉infominer 04-Nov-18 08:43 AM
Long awaited episode with @raulitojordan from @prylabs. Raul explains all the Eth 2.0 mysteries. We go through PoS, Sharding and eWASM. Check it out on your way to SFBW!
⧉infominer 05-Nov-18 08:58 AM
The paper for Correct-By-Construction Casper consenus protocols - cbc-casper/cbc-casper-paper
⧉infominer 05-Nov-18 09:27 AM
0/ I see a lot of discussion about the technicals of Ethereum’s Casper PoS but not much discussion around the economics. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the current incentive structure and here are my thoughts. SPOILER: I think we need more discussion around the e...
⧉infominer 22-Nov-18 10:03 PM
To me it is not at all obvious that predictable access to reading the blockchain is more important than predictable access to writing to…
⧉infominer 25-Nov-18 07:56 PM
0/ I see a lot of discussion about the technicals of Ethereum’s Casper PoS but not much discussion around the economics. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the current incentive structure and here are my thoughts. SPOILER: I think we need more discussion around the e...
⧉infominer 25-Nov-18 08:08 PM
0/ A thread on Ethereum economic abstraction. I’ve recently seen a lot of nonsense spread about how Ethereum could be wildly successful but ETH itself could be worth 0. It’s time to debunk this myth so why don’t you go on a journey with me into economic abstraction?
⧉infominer 25-Nov-18 08:34 PM
The easiest and most trusted transaction search engine and block explorer
⧉infominer 25-Nov-18 08:56 PM
LONDON, Oct. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- EY today announced the launch of EY Ops Chain Public Edition (PE) prototype, the world's first implementation of...
⧉infominer 25-Nov-18 09:17 PM
A group of researchers from the Northeastern University and the University of Maryland published a paper detailing their analysis of Ethereum’s contract topology. The researchers modify Ethereum’s geth client to log how users and contracts interact with one another. The r...
⧉infominer 10-Dec-18 08:25 AM
⧉infominer 11-Dec-18 07:22 AM
A curated list of projects around Ethereum analytics. - jdourlens/awesome-ethereum-analytics
⧉infominer 23-Dec-18 12:40 AM
1/ Great study via @sebastianhrw on #Ethereum's top 250 ERC20s, investigating the fat protocols thesis via value accrual in 4 layers of the stack.
⧉infominer 23-Dec-18 05:33 AM
Clarification! Two totally different things are known as "Casper". Casper FFG is a simple "Finality Gadget" for Ethereum 2.0. Casper CBC is an abstract family of "Correct-By-Construction" consensus protocols explored as a candidate design space for the Ethereum 3.0 conse...
Looking to learn more about Scaling? @ethhub_io has a podcast for that. Check it out below 👇
⧉infominer 23-Dec-18 04:57 PM
0/ Let's talk about incentives. Ethereum can unlock a new world of possibilities when it comes to digital and economic incentive structures. I'm very excited to see what comes out of this long term.
The essential Ethereum information hub. Contribute to ethhub-io/ethhub development by creating an account on GitHub.
⧉infominer 09-Jan-19 08:59 AM
block numbers frontier = 0 homestead = 1,150,000 dao fork = 1,920,000 <-- this is where etc diverges tangerine whistle = 2,463,000 spurious dragon = 2,675,000 byzantium = 4,370,000 <-- november 2017 constantinople = 7,080,000 (edited)
⧉infominer 22-Jan-19 09:00 PM
Special thanks to Vlad Zamfir, Aditya Asgaonkar, Ameen Soleimani and Jinglan Wang for review
CoinDesk looks at the eight teams across the globe spearheading the push to create ethereum 2.0 – the next iteration of the blockchain network.
⧉infominer 22-Jan-19 09:57 PM
So what’s the deal with Casper CBC? @ethereum has been plagued with scalability issues; @Cryptokitties... Casper is one of the proposed solutions. CBC Casper (Correct-By-Construction) is a new family of consensus protocols that @VladZamfir and @VitalikButerin are desi...
⧉infominer 22-Jan-19 11:20 PM
My @ethereum #DEVCON4 talk on the future of Ethereum, smart contracts and the blockchain is now online, entitled "How to control the material world with smart contracts." There's a transcript, too. Thanks for recording it, guys! @Mattereum
⧉infominer 23-Jan-19 01:28 AM
@isTruStory @ethereum Since Byzantium, uncles are taken into account for difficulty calculations, per EIP 100 ( The code to do this is here:
⧉infominer 24-Jan-19 12:31 PM
A brief overview of wETH and why you need it for decentralized platforms.
⧉infominer 25-Jan-19 07:27 AM
Most people think of bitcoin as a form of money, if they think of bitcoin at all. But 19-year-old hacker Vitalik Buterin sees it as something more -- much more. He sees it as a new way of building just about any internet application.
⧉infominer 12-Feb-19 05:00 PM
I have a few concerns about Serenity PoS that I’d like to share. That said, I think all can and will be addressed before launch given proper debate.
⧉infominer 12-Feb-19 05:35 PM
1/ People have asked me to elaborate on the “verification-not-computation” point. And why Ethereum has a flawed architecture from the get-go. Thread. 👇 *Note: I use “blockchain systems” to refer to Bitcoin-like blockchains that are based on PoW.
⧉infominer 13-Feb-19 08:36 PM
🗝🔑I can encrypt messages with an ethereum public key can’t I? I found a few libraries to do it, but other posts that say you can’t. I get that with asymmetric it will have to be a short message and eth keys aren’t really made for it, but it’s possible right? ...
⧉infominer 11-Mar-19 09:16 PM
1/ Mega Thread on running a @ParityTech Ethereum node. Bare with me.
⧉infominer 11-Mar-19 09:32 PM
Eth 2.0 teams and client names. -Prysmatic Labs: Prysm (Go) -ChainSafe: Loadstar (JavaScript) -Status: Nimbus (Nim) -ZK Labs: yeeth (Swift) -PegaSys: Artemis (Java) -Sigma Prime: Lighthouse (Rust) -Parity: ? (Rust) -Trinity: ? (Python) -Harmony: ? (Java)
⧉infominer 11-Mar-19 09:41 PM
Selfish Mining in Ethereum Jianyu Niu and Chen Feng School of Engineering, University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus), Canada,
⧉infominer 29-Mar-19 05:50 PM
I just published a paper on what Ethereum is for. It is entitled, "Ethereum is game-changing technology, literally."
⧉infominer 05-Apr-19 07:42 PM
Special thanks to Glen Weyl, Phil Daian and Jinglan Wang for review
⧉infominer 22-Apr-19 04:46 AM
great thread explaining how ethereum governance cordons off dissent.
⧉infominer 28-Apr-19 11:45 PM
Analyzing the Proposed Validator Economics of Ethereum 2.0 – Onur Solmaz
In its next iteration dubbed Ethereum 2.0 or Serenity, Ethereum will move on from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake, implementing a major change with how the network nodes are incentivized to participate. This is an analysis of the proposal that’s going to be implemented as a...
⧉infominer 06-May-19 12:06 AM
⧉infominer 10-May-19 01:58 AM
This proposed architecture is highly compatible with Eth 1.x goals of reducing on-chain storage by reducing the cost of CALLDATA. With the right stateless contracts on-chain, only revocations and locks (double-spend-proofing) would need to be published.
⧉infominer 13-May-19 02:41 PM
Russell Keith-Magee's PyCon 2019 keynote looks at Python's history & its 10 year future, including what black swan events it needs to prepare for. What lessons can we take from this for the Ethereum community?
Wrap up of the first RUN EVM held April 16th in Berlin. Covering the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) stack, including sidechains, enterprise usage, and trusted computing.
New Application Programming Interfaces Help Programmers Achieve the Privacy, Low Latency, and Throughput Required for Enterprise Use Cases in Fintech, Supply Chain, IoT, and Other Applications.
⧉infominer 22-May-19 07:57 PM
@jimmysong Here are the teams that have delivered eth2.0 testnet clients (aka executing): -@prylabs -@sigp_io -@ethstatus Here's a list of all the teams building eth2 clients:
If you are new to Ethereum and want an easy way to learn the concepts, check out our new flash cards!
⧉infominer 27-May-19 01:02 AM
Ethereum is going to win it all, the markets just haven’t realized it yet
⧉infominer 27-May-19 07:13 PM
@nvk -All of Defi ( -@ensdomains has 240k+ registered domains -Ethereum-based games (@GodsUnchained, @CHZWZRDS) -MetaMask Metrics ( -General growth metrics (
⧉infominer 28-May-19 03:52 AM
Had some thoughts, wrote them down. Feel free to read, ask questions, or respond!
⧉infominer 11-Jun-19 04:35 AM
I write a short post on r/ethtrader about my observations of the donuts experiment.
⧉infominer 26-Jun-19 06:38 PM
There are benefits to a more progressive approach to evolving Ethereum. However, I do see something which could play in Ethereum’s…
⧉infominer 27-Jun-19 07:20 AM
0/ There has been a lot of misinformation spread surrounding Ethereum's upcoming issuance reduction - codenamed the #Thirdening In this thread, I’ll explain the process that Ethereum issuance reductions go through before they can be considered “consensus”. (thread)
⧉infominer 27-Jun-19 11:27 PM
I'll be writing a technical-focused analysis of Ethereum privacy projects for @TheBlock__. Currently covering * EY's Nightfall * @aztecprotocol * @clearmatics' Zeth * Stanford's Zether * @argentHQ's Hopper Are there projects I've missed out?
⧉infominer 09-Jul-19 05:29 PM
⧉infominer 10-Aug-19 10:23 PM
The Comprehensive Ethereum Reading List. Contribute to Scanate/EthList development by creating an account on GitHub.
⧉infominer 13-Aug-19 11:03 PM
Advanced Analytics for the Ethereum Blockchain | Alethio
Alethio enables enlightenment in the Ethereum ecosystem. We build analytics products to extract knowledge and insights from blockchain data.