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Retrofitting a two-way peg between blockchains (edited)
vincent 03-Nov-18 09:20 AM
Proof-of-Work Sidechains
vincent 11-Jan-19 09:09 AM
An intro to why it matters and puts/takes on different approaches to achieving cross-blockchain communication.
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🚨 New episode on Polkadot vs. Ethereum vs. Cosmos! @rphmeier shared how @polkadotnetwork compares to @cosmos and Ethereum 2.0. Are they competing/ complementary (...or both)? Find out here 👇
⧉infominer 02-Aug-19 01:25 PM
Author: Yi Lu, editor-in-chief & co-founder of SV Insight Cross-chain technology has become a hot topic this year. Both Cosmos and Polkadot have attracted a lot of attention. On the other hand, EKT is one of the few original cross-chain projects in China. Its main feature is ...
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Start building multi-blockchain applications with Blocknet, a decentralized interoperability protocol enabling the transfer of data and value across different blockchains, all while remaining trustless.
Introducing XRouter: the missing link between all blockchains. Developers can now mix, match and monetize any blockchain with the Blockner XRouter, The worlds first Blockchain Router.
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Blockchain abstraction layer. Contribute to liquality/chainabstractionlayer development by creating an account on GitHub.
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‎Show Blockcrunch, Ep #60 Blocknet vs. Polkadot: How Its Cross Chain Dex Works - Arlyn Culwick - Jul 5, 2019