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The competitors of IOTA have to be coins targeting the internet of things market. Just read their slogan: “The backbone of IoT is here” There are currently 3 big cryptocurrencies 100% involved in IOT right now, let’s take a look at their advantage...
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There are several features of the IOTA network that have been implemented to make it highly suitable for integration with the Internet of Things
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Note: This blog post is intended for a reader with a basic understanding of the Tangle. In particular, we heavily rely on concepts like a…
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IOTA Foundation publishes a blog post seeking help from the community to make a comprehensive dedicated documentation portal featuring “information from across the whole ecosystem.”
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Over the weekend, various high-level security researchers and academic cryptographers gave cryptocurrency project IOTA a failing grade - exposing a critical weakness and suggesting investors sell their coins while asking researchers to ignore or abandon the project.
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@tangleblog Let us not forget that we skipped over the "no seriously, to build a robust gossip network you really need to know all the nodes in advance, you can't build sybil resistance from nothing" So let's pop the stack, and conclude.
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Email leak debunks reports of IOTA cryptographic vulnerabilities | Australian Press about the leaks via @reddit
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Official IOTA Foundation Response to the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab — Part 2 / 4
Editor’s Note: All of the information and links contained in this multi-part document were publicly available prior to publication. None of…
MIT media lab DCI allegations proven wrong: IOTA's alleged vulnerability debunked publicly, see this convo on Twitter between IOTA devs and the MIT Media lab - CryptoCurrency
If you want a postcard summary of why you should avoid the Iota project — with your brains and your money — this conversation is it.
@infominer33 @dalmatin23 @SarahJamieLewis Take your time. I can wait.😊 btw. this may help: Also to be mentioned: MIT-DLC > Guy Zyskind & Alex Pentland > Enigma MIT-DLC > Ethan Heilmann > DAGLabs > Spectre
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So after attempting extortion, then publishing a blog, wherein they admit to attempted extortion (and state it was justified because I have researched sex tech). They have now published an apology blog post saying it was "poker play" and they didn't "intend to harm" me. ht...