⧉infominer 23-Aug-18 04:01 AM
3-week Digital Hackathon in Partnership with Bounty One and BlockGeeks Now Live. With the new and improved Embark framework, we are partnering with BountyOne and BlockGeeks to host a digital hackathon where we’ll #buidl DApps to be used at the Status Hackathon. It is incr...
A curated collection of Blockchain Hackathons —https://blockchainathons.com/ (edited)
⧉infominer 23-Aug-18 12:46 PM
^^^ @KJreactor@eff made that site he knows a lotta hackathon stuff
KJreactor 23-Aug-18 12:46 PM
The link above?
⧉infominer 23-Aug-18 12:46 PM
Pinned a message.
KJreactor 23-Aug-18 12:47 PM
Ok thanks
eff 23-Aug-18 01:21 PM
Yea @KJreactor let me know if there is anything
KJreactor 23-Aug-18 03:56 PM
Thanks, sure thing @eff
eff 24-Aug-18 06:31 AM
reminder everyone
please participate in https://pioneer.app
We’re building a community of creative young people working on interesting projects around the globe.
its an online game but for side projects, and if you win you get 5k, round trip to silicon valley.
eff 24-Aug-18 07:30 AM
If anyone is in London
September 22nd – September 23rd Register Now #EOSHACKATHON The Challenge The Hackathon Challenge will be released on the day of the event to ensure a level playing field for all participating! In the mean time, start getting familiar with documentation on the EOSIO Develope...
deeke 24-Aug-18 07:32 AM
That's sick
Might try go to that
eff 24-Aug-18 07:33 AM
Looms hackathon is happening this weekend in Norway
TL;DR: We are pleased to invite you to attend our first European hackathon, in beautiful Oslo, Norway, from August 24–26, co-hosted by our…
Ethberlin on Sep 6th/7th
The biggest hackathon of them all Eth San Francisco
ETHSanFrancisco is an Ethereum hackathon starting on October 5th, 2018. Part of ethglobal.co, largest Ethereum hackathon in the world
There is a City of Zion hackathon going on
Over the past year, the CoZ has watched the NEO community grow from a small colony of ants into one of the most powerful ecosystems in the…
submission deadline is sept 14th
This Is An Adventure 26-Aug-18 06:02 PM
Is there a Google spreadsheet of all of the Hackathons going on?
⧉infominer 26-Aug-18 06:04 PM
is a collection of them
eff 27-Aug-18 10:39 AM
Also, please add new hackathons that you come accross , https://blockchainathons.com/add-hackathon
⧉infominer 06-Sep-18 03:56 PM
A hackathon without a party ain't nothing. So we got two. First join us for a decentralized pub crawl (and a DAI happy hour) and then @fabric_vc, @DharmaProtocol, Cambrial, @ParityTech and of course @SpankChain will meet you at Chalet Berlin - Register at the hackathon!
KJreactor 16-Sep-18 06:47 PM
It's a shame these require to be in-person
⧉infominer 16-Sep-18 08:20 PM
Settle hackathon will be started on October 8th 2018. Find out more here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pBxi0n2HTwlGgi721M6SM3G_dOzDZHbmstGq_JJvp4Y/edit?usp=sharing We will send out emails before the hackathon starts
⧉infominer 16-Sep-18 09:16 PM
yes, thatt one is online
KJreactor 16-Sep-18 09:45 PM
Thanks! grinning @⧉infominer (edited)
⧉infominer 16-Sep-18 09:45 PM
np, they're kind of a dapp incubator \ dd communty
I'm in their discord
KJreactor 16-Sep-18 09:46 PM
Sweet! I didn't get what stack or tech they expect for the event but now that your day that 👌
⧉infominer 16-Sep-18 09:47 PM
check #🗃communities channel for Concourse.. or probably a link in that doc too
KJreactor 16-Sep-18 09:52 PM
Will do. I just joined
⧉infominer 16-Sep-18 11:54 PM
Since mid-2017, Ethereum hackathons have been held in many major cities across the globe, to encourage the development of dApps and blockchain systems.
⧉infominer 27-Sep-18 11:28 PM
Discussing an upcoming hackathon at work: A: "What are the topics?" B: "Same as last time: AI and AR/VR, but also blockchain now." A: "So... decentralized micro-txs facilitated by AI image detection in AR?" B: "Hold my red bull, I'm in the lab." 3 hours later... https...
⧉infominer 10-Oct-18 02:04 PM
Attendance at blockchain hackathons has surpassed that of 2017-style crypto conferences. Prediction: It’s just a matter of time before we see an explosion of hackathons as conference marketing teams pivot. The TokenFest team now has the “blockathon.” #blockchain ...
⧉infominer 15-Jun-19 07:01 PM
The HURRDURR Games — Dorian Taylor https://doriantaylor.com/the-hurrdurr-games
⧉infominer 08-Jul-19 10:14 AM
This is a proposal for a new type of Hackathon, one that honors the values of decentralization, boosts the collective engagement of all…
hows the hackathon collectiion?
⧉infominer 23-Jul-19 06:51 PM
The WyoHackathon is a celebratory blockchain event for developers, entrepreneurs and established companies.
⧉infominer 10-Aug-19 08:12 AM
Welcome to the 2019 BTCR Hackathon | btcr-hackathon-2019 https://weboftrustinfo.github.io/btcr-hackathon-2019/