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Decentralization is tough: Too little? You're dead. Too much? Unusable. We can learn a lot from the evolution of p2p file sharing
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0/ Excited to share my latest post! It's a mouthful: Aggregation Theory, Thin Protocols, and Decentralization: Augur Edition h/t @Iiterature @AugurProject @jmonegro
1/ Hey #CryptoTwitter, grab a glass of vino and come sit by the fire so we can discuss your narrow-minded views on FAT PROTOCOL THEORY. See what I did there -- how I juxtaposed "narrow" with "fat"? No? Just shut up and drink your wine. 👇
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People have speculated on what a future with fat protocols will look like. File sharing protocols aren’t exactly the same, but they have a lot of similarities we can learn from.” @backus Today's read by John Backus exploring P2P & what it can teach us. https://t.c...
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1/ a quick thread on protocols focused on location. location data is leveraged by many consumer services (Google Maps, Uber), but also by military and industrial applications. now teams are #blockchain-ing this data to make it tamper-proof (secure), verifiable, and trustle...
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Blockchain is a technology that brings the communication revolution, kickstarted through mass adoption of the internet, to the next level…
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The Blocknet unveils its “blockchain router,” a fundamental component for the inter-blockchain era and the future of decentralized…
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The Ethereum blockchain is a primordial soup of smart contract bytecode undergoing constant mutation and reconfiguration. When the ERC20…
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In this article I’d like to talk about one of the most discussed topics recently, when it comes to developing projects based on blockchain…
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Protocols vs. Software (Part 1) — Protocol approach for interoperable systems.” by @Saronimo of @clearmatics #enterprise #ethereum #community