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When contrasting contractual principles, it is clear that where a contract is not required to be in writing (Columbia Law Review, Apr…
This is joint work/post with Ian Miers, Oded Naor, and Ari Juels. Recently, a number of proposals and applications have evolved on Ethereum that require voting; from contracts that use voting-based DAOs for governance or other administrative tasks, to boardroom-like votes to...
Bitcoin’s capacity is limited. Meanwhile, smart contracts can be resource intensive. So even though Bitcoin has always supported basic smart contract functionality, the two have never been a natural match.But a recent topic of research spearheaded by Blockstream mathematici...
Selling non-fungible tokens and the ERC721 standard
Ethereum transactions, like some other cryptocurrencies, are stored in a public ledger. Learn how to analyze that ledger in BigQuery to better understand transaction and even contracts history.
Marlowe, a new smart contract language for Cardano aimed primarily at financial contracts on the blockchain was revealed some days ago. The language has been developed by researchers from IOHK, a company that are the main developers and maintainers of the blockchain Cardano. ...
In the course of time that I am involved in Ethereum development, I have noticed that not much information exists yet to learn Solidity…
If you are planning to launch a project on the Ethereum blockchain, you probably know the importance of a third-party code audit. An…
A platform for crowd-sourced review of smart contracts, where any developer can bring their contract for review with a large network of verified blockchain experts.
written by Máté Molnár My first Smart Contract on NEO blockchain in C#: Open Visual Studio 2017. In Team explorer click on Clone and insert the neo-compiler link: https://github.
The Bitcoin blockchain is not known for its ability to enable smart contracts. In fact, most developers creating smart contracts use a different blockchain, like Ethereum. But the truth is that the Bitcoin protocol can be used to create smart contracts., the blockc...
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Smart contract (also self-executing contract, blockchain contract, or digital contract) is an electronic algorithm intended for the automation of the contract execution process in the blockchain. The general idea of smart contracts is to exclude divergences in the treatment ...
Smart Contracts: Building Blocks for Digital Markets - Nick Szabo 1996
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see #🦄ethereum-dev
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🕶 List of awesome platforms for smart contracts. Contribute to Overtorment/awesome-smart-contracts development by creating an account on GitHub.
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Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks - Nick Szabo (edited)
Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks
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On Todays Show Adam, Stephanie and Andreas spend an hour with crypto-scholar of note Nick Szabo in a wide ranging discussion covering Smart Contracts, Bitcoin and Blockchains. You can find more of Nicks perspective at his homepage or [blog](http://unenumerated.b...
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We are home to a passionate group of people, technologists, and dreamers committed to rebuilding the legal industry.
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Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the contract between buyer and seller directly written into lines of code.
⧉infominer 03-Oct-18 09:35 PM Copyright (c) 1995 by Nick Szabo (edited)
archived 26 Sep 2014 19:48:26 UTC
archived 16 Jul 2015 19:41:13 UTC
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Much like the words “blockchain”, “AI” and “cloud”, “smart contract” is one of those phrases that get a lot of hype.
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Ivy-lang, Plutus, Solidity, Scrypto, Michelson, Hoon, Rust, …
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Whether you're new to smart contracts on blockchain, or you’re looking for an in-depth explanation, this guide is a great place to start.
⧉infominer 05-Oct-18 06:02 AM A Technology, Legal & Regulatory Introduction — Foreword by Nick Szabo Prepared by: Smart Contracts Alliance — In collaboration with Deloitte (edited)
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"the most secure environments for smart contracts are the most mature public blockchains, which are designed for trust minimization instead of trusting the often private and insecure system found resident with a central party" @NickSzabo4
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Last updated October 30th, 2017. “Formalizing and securing relationships on public networks”. N Szabo. 1997. First Monday. 143 cites. “Hawk: The blockchain model of cryp…
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Coin Sciences CEO Gideon Greenspan attacks common misconceptions that he argues are contributing to outlandish expectations for smart contracts.
Paper contracts can take weeks to travel around the globe, while digital documents are uncomfortably easy to forge. Is there a way to automate transactions to make them smoother, more efficient, and more secure for all parties? Leaders are looking at blockchain and smart cont...
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Smart contracts are self-executing code that defines and executes an agreement between multiple parties. That code contains simple “if/when…then…” statements executed within a distributed network that achieves consensus on transactions made within it. For example, a ...
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RSK, bitcoin´s smart contract platform.
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Introduction The Bill of Lading is a document unique document as its negotiability fulfils several purposes. These documents have led to a…
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On Wednesday, a developer called Tendo Pein announced the launch of a new smart contract programming language for the Bitcoin Cash network. Pein said “Spedn,” a BCH-based language, is designed for explicitness and safety while having a syntax similar to the C programming ...
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A group of researchers from the Northeastern University and the University of Maryland published a paper detailing their analysis of Ethereum’s contract topology. The researchers modify Ethereum’s geth client to log how users and contracts interact with one another. The r...
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To mitigate security issues that were quickly evident in the deployment of smart contracts, developers have tried a wide variety of security techniques. Standard when deploying new contracts is...
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This year October 31 at the DevCon IV I gave the first talk on the Smart Property Register  —  the Mattereum innovation, which I think is…
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2014 and Gavin Wood takes the stage at the auditorium in Barclays Whitechapel Accelerator space to describe a brave new world of…
A certification process can provide participants in smart contracts with greater assurances they won't lose their money (see: the DAO). But in distributed systems, the true test of security comes when software is released into the wild.
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The meltdown of “The DAO” and, more recently DDOS attacks on Ethereum have spurred a debate on the wisdom of “Turing completeness” in…
In this post, we examine just how prevalent the recently discovered "unchecked-send" bug is in real, live, deployed Ethereum contracts, with the aid of an automated analysis tool ...
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# Verifiable Formal Verification of Smart Contracts ## TL;DR We propose a protocol of verifiable fo
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The beta version of LIGO, a statically typed high-level smart-contract language that compiles down to Michelson, is now open! Congrats @LigoLang! #Tezos
JuanSC 04-Jul-19 05:24 AM
Edgeware’s Lockdrop smart contract has processed over $900 million of ETH and locked up over $290 million, all while hiding a fatal bug.
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@JuanSC not sure how we didn't have a #📍hacks channel
we do now 😃 (edited)
JuanSC 04-Jul-19 02:28 PM
let's leave it in both, tho, because people studying smart contracts would learn a lot from the way this guy explains this bug (edited)
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Manticore: A Symbolic Execution Framework for Binaries and Smart Contracts | Hacker News
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‎Show Epicenter - Learn about Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies, Ep Grigore Rosu: The K Framework – A Framework to Formally Define All Programming Languages - Jun 12, 2018
‎Show Epicenter - Learn about Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies, Ep Manuel Aráoz: Zeppelin and the Evolution of Smart Contract Development - Feb 1, 2018