⧉infominer 23-Mar-19 08:11 AM
Welcome to Source⧉Crypto We're creating an epic repository of information for every type of crypto knowledge. Scroll through the #directory for easy desktop navigation. This server is organized as follows: * General Knowledge —Less technical crypto related information. * Resources —Various sites and general crypto resources. * Crypto —For knowledge about specific cryptocurrencies. * Tech —More technical subjects. * Consensus — Blockchain and traditional consensus * Development —For Developers Resources organized by project. * Application —For the varieties of crypto applications. Besides "The Lobby" anyone can send messages in #discussion-dev and #hackathons are open channels in the Development section. Anyone can be a curator just begin sharing some links in #library-submissions and I will give you a role. (note: sometimes I place the same resource in more than one channel) Please use the #introductions channel to let others know who you are, and share any personal info/websites or social media accounts you’d like to promote. I'm usually here, feel free to @ me with any questions and\or leave #suggestions. Server link for easy sharing: BTC — 1GvkjHtiy9LUjVkStnEAXxjhcoS56aCokY (edited)
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