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Building a database of crypto knowledge to power a dynamic web portal—SuperSource - infominer33/Crypto-Library
Decentralized, Self-Sovereign, and Blockchain Identity resources - infominer33/awesome-decentralized-id
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Research Consultant and Information Dense Content. Bitcoin, Blockchain, Development, Decentralized-Identity, Cryptography, Data Science, Programming, SEO, Cryptocurrency, Related Tech-Trends and History.
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Today, there are a number of open-source solutions for deploying permissioned ledgers. Let’s take a look at where they come from, track the course of their developments, and a production example of their use.
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Resources for Creating a Vendor Agnostic, User-Controlled, Identity Layer for the Internet.
A Growing Catalog of Resources Related to the History Surrounding Bitcoin.
Building an Open-Source Database of Crypto Knowledge.
⧉infominer 30-Mar-19 05:59 PM with Crypto 101—Escrow and Key Signatures -infominer
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This website is not about me.
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I've been practicing #contentcreation for 2 years ...and written research based content at @CSBTechEmporium for a year. Here's my first attempt at a #cornerstone to tie it all together. #seo #mobile #apps #games #ar #vr #Webdesign #bitcoin #bloc...
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Resources for Independent Web-Workers: SEO, Publishing, Git, GitHub Pages, Linux, Static Site Generators, Development.
I really like looking at this one
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Yaya!!! @everyone our server now lives on it's own domain! re-directs are in place and letting yall know to celebrate with me.. that site is gonna b HUUUUGE.
An Open-Source Index of Crypto Knowledge.
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⧉infominer 08-Jun-19 06:24 PM
actually i don't have the re-directs figured out quite yet.
koolcar523 08-Jun-19 06:42 PM
😂 Just CNAME everything
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⧉infominer 08-Jun-19 06:54 PM
Nah, just gotta make a mirror of it on my homepage w redirects
Im making progress, will be set today
⧉infominer 08-Jun-19 10:50 PM
I think they are all in place, now
180 redirects, is all 😅
⧉infominer 18-Jun-19 02:01 PM
Resources for learning Chart Patterns, Technical Analysis, Algorithmic trading, and Fundamental Analysis.
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Static Sites for an IndieWeb
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Contributors Guides, Social Archive, Sovereign-Identity Community Blog.
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