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Concourse is an open community of blockchain builders, enthusiasts and researchers.
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Bitcoin Forum - Index
A mastodon instance for Bitcoin Maximalists. No scams, no shitcoin, no impersonation, no begging, and no illegal content. Keep it civil and we should all survive :)
⧉infominer 12-Aug-18 09:54 PM not blockchain related, but a potentially useful resource
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A Tor Hidden Service Mastodon instance, you say? 🙂
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⧉infominer 24-Aug-18 02:07 PM - Linux Chat (edited)
Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more.
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The Best Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Community on the Web! Long Live the #Cryptonation!
^^^ Forum
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0/ Crypto community building matters—let me tell you why.
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@DLT Rico this is where I drop all links for discord servers, and other communities
DLT Rico 22-Jun-19 04:53 AM
⧉infominer 22-Jun-19 04:55 AM
I can't find the link to the other, I think they invalidated the invite... I'll see what I can do