⧉infominer 25-Aug-18 09:23 PM
My take on the 10 most influential people in blockchain/crypto today, in today's @Dealbook special section Amber Baldet Brian Behlendorf Vitalik Buterin Chris Dixon Daniel Larimer Jed McCaleb Michael Novogratz Elizabeth Stark Valerie Szczepanik Jihan Wu
A reminder that my twitter lists are 100% public and available for all to see. The #bitcoin list currently has 341 members. If they are on my list then they are an important person to follow.
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#FollowFriday: Bitcoin Developers: Lightning Developers: If you know of anyone I missed who belongs on either list, please reply to this tweet!
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Who has taught you a lot on Twitter? @reply them below:
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From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary.
⧉infominer 01-Oct-18 02:27 PM
Cryptotwitter is a 24/7/365 shareholder's meeting except nobody gets to vote and nocoiners are invited to serve as whetstones for our repartee.
⧉infominer 24-May-19 06:43 PM
Without FF I wouldn’t know what day it is
⧉infominer 27-May-19 02:03 AM
Algorithmic ranking of the loudest voices on Twitter: Great for bootstrapping, and then curate from there!
⧉infominer 23-Jul-19 11:27 PM
I only follow real before 2015 OG's And @Hotkatchina