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"Bitcoin .. needs .. a secondary level of payment[s] which is lighter weight." -- Hal Finney 2010 ht @rextar4444
A private version of the crypto protocol lightning network is headed to zcash, with the potential it could be added for other blockchains soon.
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This page is no longer maintained. Please check out the latest and enhanced version of this guide on Github:
The Lightning Network Reference Rate, Part 1 of 4
awesome-lightning-network - ⚡ A curated list of awesome Lightning Network projects for developers and crypto enthusiasts
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Developer resources and documentation for the Lightning Network Daemon.
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An update on Coin Center’s work to avoid unnecessary regulatory burdens on technologists.
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1/ A complete debunking of top Lightning FUD claims:
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Get ready to rumble! The latest batch of 20 #RaspiBlitz, a full #Bitcoin and #LightningNetwork node running on a Raspberry Pi, is ready to be picked up and plugged in at the #LightningHackday! If you can't attend in person, you can build one yourself:
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Simple, easy to use Lightning Network node
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SLP9 - Lightning UX and Routing, with @bvu VP, Product of @lightning We discuss: - Lightning User Experience - Lightning Routing - Benefits for users, merchants and exchanges - Autopilot, watchtowers, AMP, splicing listen, subscribe, share!
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Some of the best tools in bitcoin have been built by without raising capital from VCs: @BtcpayServer, @SamouraiWallet, @OPENDIME and @COLDCARDwallet, and most software wallets. Did I miss any?
Exchange Top Cryptocurrencies in seconds with low fees
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Anything related to the free, open-source .NET cryptocurrency payment processor BTCPayServer.
Cryptocurrency guides by Stadicus. Contribute to Stadicus/guides development by creating an account on GitHub.
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Blockstream's Liquid sidechain purports to be an innovative solution to Bitcoin's chronic illiquidity. But it inadvertently replicates something with which we are all too familiar.
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Blockstream’s COO Samson Mow explains how “Liquid is designed to facilitate fast and reliable high value transfers” of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies -- eventually.)
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SUPER INTERESTING: "The platform provides tooling, apps & services on top of any bip32 compatible Bitcoin wallet. It's a service layer on top of the Bitcoin network, offering powerful utilities for users and/or developpers."
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Below is an archived and reformatted tweetstorm from Nov 29, 2018. Enjoy! #1 Lightning Network is on fire lately 12500 channels (up 3…
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#rsk #rootstock Is still planning to introduce a security flaw they call “drive chains” If they get enough fools to put bitcoin on this flawed side chain it will resulting a massive theft of #bitcoin Defend bitcoin by alerting people of the ...
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Rene Pickhardt, a Bitcoin/Lightning educator, and rising star in the world of Lightning joins me to talk about the Lightning Network. We discuss: How he got into Lightning Involvement in the Pirate…
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Learn how to build an online e-commerce store and accept Bitcoin payments with no coding or web-designing skills required. Using free and open-source software: WordPress, WooCommerce and BTCPay. No steps skipped and video tutorials.
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It has recently come to my attention that there is a great deal of confusion revolving around the Lightning Network within the Bitcoin and…
1)I am seeing an increasing number of people under the impression that #lightning as an overlay bridge network for #blockchains (via atomic swaps) is a great thing for alts. And they can not be more wrong. In reality, Lightning is where #altcoins will come in droves only...
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After reading @AaronvanW 's excellent review of Bitcoin and @RSKSmart growth in 2018, I decided do provide actual statistics of RSK growth in 2018 .. so here is the tweet thread !
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Lightning Joule is an awesome Chrome plugin being developed by William O'Beirne, check out his presentation at the Chaincode Labs…
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We have been experimenting with Lightning (Bitcoin) payments. But is it ready for commerce applications? Here's what we think...
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Ways I can tell LN routing is not a mature market yet: - I’m charging 25x more than anyone and routing more than ever before - The largest capacity owner assigns capacity at random - Almost no one charges any fees at all for routing - Most public nodes aren’t even reli...
Recent interviews given by @roasbeef @bitconner and tweets by @alexbosworth confirm my initial theory about the potential for operating a profitable Lightning node: payment channel management skill is the primary driver of profits. Merely staking capital ensures nothing.
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Today I released LibrePatron, an alternative to Partreon backed by @BtcpayServer. Most Patreon alternatives don't implement the full Patreon feature set. This seeks to change that. Sample site (alpha not mobile responsive, mobile coming soon!): T...
Explained why I took my LN hub down. Every maximalist attacked me, without reading my review Asked how to add LN as a payment option for my startup. No one replied This is why exists. We prove that no one is using what they shill. But I do. https:...
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Liquid daemon and cli. Contribute to Blockstream/liquid development by creating an account on GitHub.
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Easiest #Bitcoin Lightning Guide!