⧉infominer 26-Aug-18 12:50 AM
Current leads are probably: NFT: @CryptoKitties DEX: @0xProject TCR: @MessariCrypto PM: @AugurProject Excited to see a year from now if they are the teams who’ve delivered most, or if they get leapfrogged!
⧉infominer 28-Aug-18 03:50 PM
1 So what happened with Fomo-3D? While the dust is still settling, someone close to the project got in touch with me and explained how the big jackpot paid out. I haven't seen a comprehensive write-up yet so I'm sharing their quote here:
⧉infominer 29-Aug-18 09:41 PM
MLB Crypto Baseball, True Digital Ownership. Experience owning your own favorite MLB Crypto figure and play them live with real live games.
⧉infominer 02-Sep-18 09:37 PM
DappRadar provides information and insights about all the existing dapps! At the tap of your finger, find the most successful and used decentralized games, casinos, and marketplaces, among others.
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⧉infominer 03-Sep-18 05:49 PM
The World Bank's blockchain bond raised $110 million AUD, and is based on a private ethereum network.
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⧉infominer 06-Sep-18 10:57 PM
Ox Protocol deep dive by Kylan Hurt @ Edge Secure.
⧉infominer 08-Sep-18 08:51 PM
Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, recently shared his view on whether development should focused on the layer 1 or layer 2 functionalities in blockchains. He presents his point by mentioning that debates regarding the scaling of blockchains is common, in circumstances, su...
⧉infominer 08-Sep-18 09:05 PM
Ethereum transactions, like some other cryptocurrencies, are stored in a public ledger. Learn how to analyze that ledger in BigQuery to better understand transaction and even contracts history.
⧉infominer 22-Sep-18 08:32 PM
The first Connext hub, @SpankChain, is live!! The first time anyone has used noncustodial payment channel hubs in production on Ethereum!
⧉infominer 22-Sep-18 09:49 PM
The new version of the Opera browser for Android, currently available in a private beta, combines easy-to-use crypto wallet functionality with support for the Ethereum Web3 API. This makes Opera the first major browser to open up a mainstream product to Web 3.0.
⧉infominer 23-Sep-18 06:01 AM
A startup launched a bank in December 2017 Since then it's issued 3270 loans worth $114m ($12m per mo) at an interest rate of .5% Oh, and this is its beta product The product is Maker, but you should ignore it because Ethereum isn't used for anything
⧉infominer 27-Sep-18 11:08 PM
Special thanks to the roll_up team for their hard work on building a first PoC for verifiable snapps (snark-dapps) and special thanks to Felix and Ben for their invaluable contribution to this idea. Plasma snapp: TL;DR The following specification outlines a new plasma versio...
⧉infominer 30-Sep-18 11:19 PM
Most ethereum scaling technologies are a far from completed, but OpenST says it's got a solution that's ready for the "here and now."
⧉infominer 04-Oct-18 09:18 PM
Ethereum dApps have driven a plethora of ICOs to utilize smart contracts and deploy unique platforms and ecosystems in a decentralized…
⧉infominer 23-Oct-18 08:18 PM
Beyond Gaming - Exploring the Utility of ERC-1155 Token Standard! The ERC-1155 token standard allows the creation of fungible, semi-fungible and non-fungible tokens in a single token standard.
⧉infominer 09-Dec-18 01:34 AM
AWESOME-MAKERDAO; A Master Github Repo for all things Maker & Dai @makerDAO
⧉infominer 22-Dec-18 07:18 PM
Kaleido, a startup aimed at helping enterprises implement blockchain technology, has launched a new platform in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
⧉infominer 22-Dec-18 07:36 PM
As work on ethereum's plasma scaling solution proceeds, some developers are hailing a form of cryptography used by zcash as an alternative.
⧉infominer 23-Dec-18 04:03 AM
Inspiration to move the tokenized economy forward
⧉infominer 23-Dec-18 07:03 PM
Opera Releases ‘Web 3-Ready’ Android Browser With Ethereum, DApp Support
⧉infominer 20-Jan-19 08:39 PM
Original Urbit demo video from 2013.
⧉infominer 21-Feb-19 01:16 AM
@ethereum @VitalikButerin the @enjin team has a gift for you soon. EnjinX $ETH explorer, which is built to advance the growing Ethereum ecosystem, enabling users to easily search and understand transactions, blocks, addresses and tokens - without any ads! Releasing within ...
⧉infominer 07-May-19 02:44 PM
We did it. @consensys @web3studio, with the help of @JesseGrushack and @ethereumJoseph minted the first SRNFT 'Bootleg' token today. The band @outside0UTSIDE made a nice sum in the trading. Details tomorrow. Check out and start building your bootleg...