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The cost of maintaining one's privacy continues to rise as the cost of surveillance technology continues to fall. Most folks have neither the time nor the money to properly protect their privacy these days. Cypherpunks are the intolerant minority, the Spartans defending th...
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This repository is essentially for compiling information about Cypherpunks, the history of the movement, and the people/events of note. - tombusby/cypherpunk-research
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“Privacy is not secrecy. A private matter is something one doesn't want the whole world to know, but a secret matter is something one doesn't want anybody to know. Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.” - Eric Hughes Required rea...
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The following op-ed on crypto privacy was written by Reuben Yap. He is the Chief Operations Officer of Zcoin. A corporate lawyer for ten years, specializing in institutional frameworks, Reuben founded one of SE Asia’s top VPN companies, He graduated with a LL...
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1/ In 1994, Timothy C. May wrote "THE CYPHERNOMICON" — a Cypherpunks FAQ outlining the philosophies behind the cypherpunk movement, crypto anarchy, future of virtual communities, digital cash, & much more. Here are some of my favorite quotes and snippets.
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Recently finished "This Machine Kills Secrets" by Andy Greenberg (2012). It provides a fantastic primer of the cypherpunk movement. It's impossible to understand Bitcoin without context of the cypherpunk movement, and this book is good place to start.
⧉infominer 23-Dec-18 03:58 AM
@nlw The cypherphunks series by @JWWeatherman_ where he interviews the legendary Timothy C May, author of the Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto. A classic narration of the origins of Bitcoin and other cryptography tools. It surely deserves more than 1.1k views on YT
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Tim May was a racist, sexist, homophobic asshole who also captured the emergence of the crypto anarchist zeitgeist, and a testament to the principle that ideas should be judged on their merits and not on their authorship.
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@cryptinfominer @GreatDismal William Gibson - The Bridge Trilogy (feels apropos in smoke-filled SF) Bruce Sterling - Schismatrix / Mirrorshades / Islands in the Net Charles Stross - Accelerando Rudy Rucker (the Elder) - The Ware Tetraology (a bit different from the rest bu...
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Thanks to @octal, a significant part of Tim May's work is online and searchable at For example: Tim's famous first articulation of "Blacknet," an concept that arguably foreshadowed Tor Hidden Services (sent via remailer here)
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IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. Find exactly what you're looking for!
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It is already far too late to prevent the ubiquity of cameras and databases and information sharing.
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^^ tim may racism
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Two generations of swashbuckling geeks tackle the forces of evil. Call it hip, call it funny. But you can't call it light summer reading. Declan McCullagh reviews Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.
Thomas Rid, cybersecurity expert and author of "Rise of the Machines," chronicles the early history of cypherpunks and how they helped turn public-key cryptography into one of the most potent political ideas of the 21st century.
Cyberpunk book readers navigate sprawling neon cities populated by hackers, gangsters, outcasts, and femmes fatales.
The New Hackers Dictionary '02 (edited)
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Written by Timothy C. May in December, 1994. Extended Abstract The combination of strong, unbreakable public key cryptography and virtual network communities in cyberspace will produce interesting and profound changes …
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On Tim May's recommended reading list.. not necessarily the most current.. but still a good intro to the fundamentals of cryptography
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Mondo 2000 The original magazine of cyberculture returns. Watch out for your overcoats!
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Three chapters into "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" by @shoshanazuboff. Completely hooked! This is the book we desperately need. (As an aside, it confirms my view that the cypherpunks' natural allies should always have been on the left, not the right.)
⧉infominer 31-Mar-19 05:29 AM
“Cypherpunks write code.”, but what do the rest of us do?
⧉infominer 23-May-19 10:58 PM
Neal Stephenson is one of the great authors of contemporary sci-fi—not only because he’s widely read, but also because his work unabashedly high-fives working scientific theories. Never one to underestimate his readers, Stephenson loves to wade in and explain interesting ...