⧉infominer 22-Aug-18 11:42 PM
@ummjackson @jimmysong The Cantillon effect: "the first ones to receive the newly created money see their incomes rise whereas the last ones to receive the newly created money see their purchasing power decline as consumer price inflation comes about."
⧉infominer 26-Aug-18 12:25 AM
Want to know why the USA will eventually be stripped as the reserve currency of the world? Just take a look at this:
StLouisFed: "Corporate profits and employee wages have tracked each other closely for decades—until the mid 2000s, when profits leaped out in front." ☀️Let me see, we had the $2008 Financial Crisis, lost 9MM workers and then the US gov't IOU'd $1.2T/yr for 9 yrs ($11...
⧉infominer 30-Aug-18 07:16 PM
Currency against US Dollar, past year. Venezuela: -2,000,000% Sudan: -168% Turkey: -67% Argentina: -65% Angola: -57% Iran: -30% Brazil: -21% Ethiopia: -18% Pakistan: -17% Russia: -13% Sweden: -12% Tunisia: -11% Nicaragua: -8% Indonesia: -8% Myanmar: -8% Haiti: -8% India: ...
⧉infominer 30-Aug-18 07:30 PM
1/ Just finished @andrewrsorkin’s “Too Big to Fail.” What a masterpiece in storytelling— a front row seat of the 2008 Financial Crisis.
⧉infominer 30-Aug-18 07:37 PM
The Institutional Risk Analyst is a weekly commentary published by Whalen Global Advisors LLC in New York City
⧉infominer 30-Aug-18 08:20 PM
Sorry to burst your bubble, folks, but the Fed has never been independent. The president and Senate pick the Board of Governors. C'mon.
⧉infominer 04-Sep-18 12:53 AM
The US Securities and Exchange Commission has revealed daring plans for investment in private companies, with the potential to open the doors to Main St. in a way that could prove more inclusive to mom and pop investors than any regulation in years. Read between the lines, th...
⧉infominer 04-Sep-18 11:48 AM
⧉infominer 08-Sep-18 08:19 PM
The financial elites were responsible for putting through the Fed as a governmentally created and sanctioned cartel device to enable the nation's banks to inflate the money supply in a coordinated fashion.
⧉infominer 08-Sep-18 08:26 PM
Bill Stills Channel: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is . THE MONEY MASTERS is a historical documentary that trac...
All rights belong to Paul Grignon I just put them together so you can play the whole thing as one ;) Greetz eRX
⧉infominer 17-Sep-18 12:56 PM
Listen to The Bitcoin Game episodes free, on demand. Welcome to episode 54 of The Bitcoin Game, I'm Rob Mitchell. Back in 2015, I had been waiting and waiting for a Bitcoin conference to be held here in Los Angeles. I finally gave up and booked a trip to the 2015 Texas Bitco...
good discussion about how international transactions work and how banks hold our money. (edited)
⧉infominer 22-Sep-18 09:53 PM
Federal Reserve creates new money “out of thin air” (in digital form) and uses it to buy Treasury bonds or other assets, which pumps liquidity into the financial system.” #Magic 🌈🦄
Disaster Is Inevitable When America's Stock Market Bubble Bursts: by @TheBubbleBubble $QQQ $SPY
⧉infominer 22-Sep-18 10:01 PM
My answer to How do banks and currency dealers actually exchange currency when it is electronic and not actually cash? What mechanism tracks it from one system to another and how do you even know that it was in the first system to begin with?
When this gem first appeared in 1963, it took the form of a small paperback designed for mass distribution.
⧉infominer 23-Sep-18 05:52 AM
1/ Did you know, that the Vietnam war was a major contributor to the US going off the Gold Standard (aka the "Nixon shock"), which gave birth to the international fiat currencies system that we know today?
⧉infominer 27-Sep-18 11:27 PM
2020 has been set as the date for the next financial crisis by the economist and experts alike that will break down everything as JPMorgan chase details the crashing we will be seeing. What role Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will play here?
⧉infominer 28-Sep-18 12:23 AM
Economics 101 -- "How the Economic Machine Works." Created by Ray Dalio this simple but not simplistic and easy to follow 30 minute, animated video answers t...
⧉infominer 28-Sep-18 11:29 PM
“Negative interest rates are purely a construct of the artificiality of the monetary system. There is going to a major bond crash - the challenge is that this could be years if not decades away, or it could be tomorrow.” — Caitlin Long
⧉infominer 05-Oct-18 03:58 PM
@BobMcElrath @_tessr There were public discussions after 2009 fin crisis, 2010 Greek crisis, 2011 MF Global collapse. Tri-party repo, securities lending and rehypo of collateral are necessary for the functioning of the financial system, per Bill Dudley (former NYFed). http...
⧉infominer 26-Oct-18 07:05 AM
If you look at the history of the US dollar, it has lost 98.5% of its value since 1792. What’s incredible about this constant, steady destruction of the currency is how subtle it is.
⧉infominer 31-Oct-18 03:43 AM
“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be…
⧉infominer 04-Nov-18 03:50 AM
The Triffin Dilemma refers to the double-edged sword of possessing a currency that serves as the world reserve currency. If a private cryptocurrency were to replace a given world reserve currency, this would eliminate the dilemma for that currency
⧉infominer 04-Nov-18 09:22 AM
A weekly financial podcast for professional finance, high net worth individuals, and other sophisticated investors
⧉infominer 04-Nov-18 11:54 AM
⧉infominer 05-Nov-18 07:15 AM
A history of the Rothschilds, a prominent family, originally from Germany, that established banking and finance houses in Europe.
⧉infominer 25-Nov-18 08:58 PM
“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be…
⧉infominer 09-Dec-18 12:34 AM
No cryptocurrency is a true unit of account or a payment instrument, and we have seen this year that they are a poor store of value. Buyers of cryptocurrencies are buying into nothing more than a software algorithm.” Agustín Carsten
⧉infominer 09-Dec-18 02:56 AM
Join thousands of others who receive this daily analysis of crypto markets & news in their inbox every morning - subscribe now. Banks aren’t going to go down quietly. Rather than completely ignore blockchain and crypto, the intelligent financial organizations are scrambling...
⧉infominer 22-Dec-18 09:51 PM
According to crypto pioneer Nick Szabo, the traditional finance sector has destroyed its tradition and has implemented inappropriately complex policies.
⧉infominer 23-Dec-18 04:52 PM
Vijay Boyapati (Software Developer, Austrian Economist) joins me to discuss his 2010 article, “Why Credit Deflation Is More Likely Than Mass Inflation”. Find out where economics comment…
⧉infominer 31-Dec-18 10:30 PM
References and Resources for the animated short Money as Debt
⧉infominer 20-Jan-19 09:40 PM
Twitter went mad last week because somebody had transferred almost $150m in a single Bitcoin transaction. This tweet was typical: There was much comment about how expensive or difficult this would …
⧉infominer 22-Jan-19 11:38 PM
Expanding on an observation from his last talk, Andreas asks why we talk so much about the cartels in drugs and oil, but rarely about one of the largest cart...
⧉infominer 23-Jan-19 01:41 AM
⧉infominer 08-Feb-19 06:35 AM
Swift is showing more swagger in its rivalry with Ripple thanks to progress it has made with a multifaceted payments-tracking technology called GPI.
⧉infominer 21-Feb-19 01:12 AM
🔥 10.10.2018 🌋 i have no idea just trying to connect the ....... #everyThingbubbLe excepT #Bitcoin 🚀
^^^ huge thread of oncoming collapse
⧉infominer 21-Feb-19 01:44 AM
Beat back the propaganda about the Federal Reserve with this free eBook.
This is the history of bull and bear markets. Hang it on your wall. $SPX $DJIA
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Since 1995, publishes the leading gold news commentaries, gold market updates and reports providing gold investors with the most updated gold and silver prices, news & precious metals information!