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The Agoric Papers

These three papers by Mark S. Miller and K. Eric Drexler appeared in The Ecology of Computation, Bernardo Huberman (ed.) Elsevier Science Publishers/North-Holland, 1988

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Bitcoin Raspberri Pi Art

Practical Bitcoin: Tools, Apps, Libraries and HowTos.

All information related to using Bitcoin. Buying and selling p2p, escrow, key signatures, proofs, payments, games, development, and more.

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A regularly updated archive of the SourceCrypto Discord Chat Social Curation Initiative..

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The Bitcoin Lightnign Network: Tools, Apps, Guides and other Information.

Everything related to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Games, Apps, Tools, Statistics and more.

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Blockchain Tech Archive

This category is for all blockchain specific technologies.

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Tech subjects tangentally related to Crypto.

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Information on various blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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100s of Free SEO Tools

An Open-Source Directory of mostly free SEO Tools.

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Open Source Identity Solutions

SSI-DID Github Repositories

A start at listing all DID-SSI related GitHub Repositories.

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GHPages Starter Pack

GitHub Pages Starter Pack

Publishing a Website via GitHub pages is free, and easy. Everything you need to get going in one place + extended resources.

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