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Bitcoin Info

35 minute read

Bitcoin is a revolutionary system that is quite complex and has a steep learning curve. Below you’ll find curated educational resources and information about...

The Agoric Papers

40 minute read

This paper examines markets as a model for computation and proposes a framework–agoric systems–for applying the power of market mechanisms to the software do...

Object Capabilities (ObCap)

1 minute read

The capability paradigm is about access control, first proposed by Jack Dennis and Earl C. Van Horn in the 1966 paper. When a system (OS or a website) is pre...

Mark Sam Miller

14 minute read

Mark S. Miller is an American computer scientist. He is known for his work as one of the participants in the 1979 hypertext project known as Project Xanadu; ...

E Language an Object Capability Language

1 minute read

Modern smart contract systems should learn a lesson or five from it, most importantly, (object) capability security. […] it lets programs handle permissions ...