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In leiu of my own content, I’m reproducing the channel history of The Watchers Discord Server.

Though, eventually I’ll turn this into a more organized page :)

AJ 03-May-19 09:47 AM
WatchBro 03-May-19 01:06 PM
Whats you opinion @AJ that Ethereum needs Chainlink more than Chainlink needs Ethereum?
⧉infominer 03-May-19 01:37 PM
Idk how you got that from that, but i like it @WatchBro
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scipio27 03-May-19 04:48 PM
You guys in the chainlink discord? Probably the best source for information right now
WatchBro 03-May-19 04:49 PM
Nope, link please?
scipio27 03-May-19 04:52 PM
That’s the invite code
No expiry
Chad 03-May-19 05:00 PM
@facebook Director of Engineering joins ChainLink Advisory Board. Via @financemagnates cc @AriJuels #cryptocurrency
"If all goes well, 11,000 banks will eventually be able to use smart contracts to initiate payments." @NY_Jacobs #TechnionNYC
AJ 03-May-19 10:05 PM
Ethereum needs Chainlink in order to survive.
AJ 04-May-19 01:26 AM
👌🏻 1
@WatchBro the answer ;)
I have read the two SIBOS report in question. The last line mentioning that Data used was from Barclays, BNP Paribas could be only provided by someone who attended the conference
Or maybe I just missed the most important part in the report lmaooo
AJ 04-May-19 03:01 AM
WatchBro 04-May-19 04:07 AM
That screenshot from 4chan was well worded for the average person to understand. Thanks for posting.
AJ 04-May-19 04:53 AM
I have used it to LINKpill my family lol
Sebas 06-May-19 09:11 AM
please paste here 2013 rothschild larp regarding chainlink please
AJ 06-May-19 12:50 PM
Mfw even the roths shitpost on a Vietnamese basketi-weaving forum
AJ 07-May-19 08:45 AM
English law is poised to capitalise on vast numbers of smart legal contracts expected to be created every year, according to Sir Geoffrey Vos, Chancellor of the High Court.
AJ 07-May-19 09:35 AM
Not surprised with the 15% pump. This is hugeeeeeeeeeeee
AJ 07-May-19 01:29 PM
Norton Rose Fulbright and five other leading firms in Canada have conducted a smart contract pilot with OpenLaw that explored the use of the technology in M&A deals. The computable parts of the…
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has announced the opening of a new distributed ledger technology-based Customer Development Environment (CDE). The DLT solution will replace the current CHESS system used for equities clearing and settlement. The software code is going to ...
Lazy reporting. That's why main report usually has all the Easter eggs
AJ 08-May-19 02:09 PM
#IOST is excited to announce our partnership with Chainlink @chainlink, the leading blockchain middleware (“oracle”) that gives smart contracts access to off-chain resources like data feeds, web APIs & traditional bank account payments. #crypto #blockchain
Chad 08-May-19 08:29 PM
AJ 09-May-19 08:32 AM
Oracles FTW
Btcharlatan 09-May-19 08:48 AM
Hedera's new collaboration with oracle network Chainlink will make smart contracts a practical option for mainstream businesses.
AJ 09-May-19 09:31 AM
AJ 10-May-19 12:08 PM
@ultimalink @chainlinkmarket @SergeyNazarov @chainlink @MSFTBlockchain @fluidityio I'm not sure what a "based linkmarine" is. Can a #blockchain fren help a guy out?
Co founder of MSFT blockchain. We will be famous ladddss
Sebastian 10-May-19 12:13 PM
AJ 10-May-19 12:13 PM
Based AF
Lieutenant Rhodes Stack : 1 million stinkies
AJ 10-May-19 12:22 PM
AJ 12-May-19 10:59 AM
We're going to be so fucking rich - "/biz/ - Business & Finance" is 4chan's imageboard for the discussion of business and finance, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin.
Square Inc has secured a patent for a payment network where merchants can accept payments in any currency including Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The US Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved the patent named Cryptocurrency Payment Network applied by Sqaure Inc …
The present technology provides a payment service for providing financial transactions between a customer and merchant wherein the customer can pay in any currency and the merchant can be paid in any currency. Furthermore, the present technology supports payment using cryptoc...
An apparatus in one embodiment comprises a processing platform having at least one processing device. The processing platform implements a trusted bridge configured for at least temporary coupling between one or more data sources and a smart contract program of a blockchain. ...
Square + Chainlink 👀
AJ 13-May-19 09:44 AM
A new decentralized ID solution from Microsoft built directly on the bitcoin blockchain could have far-reaching impacts.
Also has some Sovrin related Snippets
"Indeed, Yorke Rhodes, a program manager on Microsoft’s blockchain engineering team, told CoinDesk that Microsoft’s team has been working for a year on a key signing and validation software that relies on public networks, like bitcoin or ethereum, yet can handle far greater throughput than the underlying blockchain itself"
AJ 13-May-19 10:33 AM
If you’re attending #Consensus2019 by @coindesk, don’t miss Web3 Foundation’s track featuring @SergeyNazarov from @chainlink. Full agenda:
AJ 13-May-19 10:57 AM
The buidl-ing on OpenLaw continues. Check out the new art/blockchain platform "BlockArt" built using OpenLaw, @Azure, Quorum. 🤘 #blockchain #art #smartcontract Links below: - -
AJ 14-May-19 12:23 AM
New Application Programming Interfaces Help Programmers Achieve the Privacy, Low Latency, and Throughput Required for Enterprise Use Cases in Fintech, Supply Chain, IoT, and Other Applications.
AJ 14-May-19 01:38 AM
Our @mrosskane talking with @HydroBlockchain partners @chainlink about the upcoming “Vault” #crypto app with on-chain #decentralized #2FA to protect against hackers!
Archviz 14-May-19 11:38 AM
Thrilled to announce that Chainlink Mainnet on Ethereum is going live on May 30th! #chainlink #smartcontract #Consensus2019 #mainnet
Wondered why quick pump
Shirt in attendance
AJ 14-May-19 11:56 AM
Magic of kek
WatchBro 14-May-19 12:44 PM
Watch first 5 seconds on how he greets the woman:
WATCH our interview with Sergey Nazarov from at SIBOS 17, as they discuss bitcoin and the usability of the cryptocurrency, as well as some ...
Archviz 14-May-19 12:45 PM
WatchBro 14-May-19 12:45 PM
Autist level 9000
Instantly buying more.
Vitalik 2.0
bonald 14-May-19 12:59 PM
Sergey greets
AJ 14-May-19 01:04 PM
AJ 14-May-19 01:19 PM
He can become a trillionaire , 10 years would be sufficient.
Unless he dumps on us real quick ;)
Sebastian 14-May-19 02:04 PM
Mau 14-May-19 03:11 PM
who market bought this thing today
Chad 14-May-19 04:59 PM
AJ 15-May-19 11:25 AM
#BlockchainWeek continues with the Digital Asset Summit (#DAS2019) where @The_DTCC's Rob Palatnick will deliver a presentation on #blockchain – creating trust in a trustless platform. Join him from 1.30pm. Also, check out our wrap-up of #DTCCfintech here:
Sebastian 15-May-19 11:55 AM
Today ConsenSys company Kaleido launched a significant upgrade to its Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) offering with more than a dozen enterprise tools. It includes an industry-agnostic platform enabling the tokenization of digital assets. The Kaleido platform makes it faster a...
AJ 15-May-19 11:11 PM
Here we are in 2019, 10 years after the birth of the first Blockchain (Bitcoin). There are a number of identified use cases for blockchain…
Sebas 16-May-19 11:55 AM
Jeroen 16-May-19 12:39 PM
You sound stressed 😂
AJ 16-May-19 01:03 PM
^^Daily threads on /biz/ dudeeee😂😂
Sebas 16-May-19 01:36 PM
I have not browsed biz since two months ago, made an agreement with my God
AJ 16-May-19 06:53 PM
Rumour : Teeka shilled LINK, that's why the pump
AJ 18-May-19 05:20 AM
JFly 19-May-19 11:26 AM
Broke $1.00
AJ 19-May-19 01:18 PM
And I am so friggin happyyyyyyyyyy (edited)
😃 2
dbose 19-May-19 07:15 PM
When’s right time to increase position ? Do you expect a main-net dump ?
AJ 19-May-19 11:24 PM
You can't guess. Cult like following is the reason why some big players I know are trusting LINK with their money.
That being said. It isn't going anywhere for the next 6-7 years. If you are tired of chasing PnDs, this is the token
I might get some hate, but I’m gonna dump it. #mainnet Have at it newbs
Smart Contracts haben viele positive Eigenschaften - sind aber ein Problem, wenn es um Datenschutz oder Betriebsgeheimnisse geht. Die Praxis.
For example, smart contracts play a much more significant role in applications such as Fizzy, the automated flight cancellation insurance from Axa. Here, delays that have occurred automatically based on aircraft public landing data and sums insured through smart contracts ( immediately distributed. It should allow such accelerated transactions without the need for a legal dispute. The use of blockchains is actually questionable here, since this process could also be carried out by a company-owned system and the need for publicity and distribution must be reconsidered. In particular, the reduction of legal disputes in question, as a clear, public basis of flight data could also be used directly by the user in case of an opposition and a correct claim processing would be hardly questioned even in an in-house, non-public automation. Rather, disputes are questions of principle, such as the time when a plane landed must be used. - An aspect that can not be solved by smart contracts. (edited)
Grand theory. Initial evidence suggests LINK is getting embedded as the defacto controller of insurance smart contracts
And the kind of token economics and utility LINK has .. insurance and derivatives will be their targets. Expect massive amount of money to flow in. (edited)
Dr. Volker Skwarek is Quant's advisor. Coincidentally, chairing the ISO TC 307 Working Group on Smart Contracts. This guy is even more bullish than me lol
Prepare to be blown away with some insider info :
Two seperate threads but this is basically the tldr;
Anon had access to Jumpstart's private slack and was in touch with Jumpstart's CEO👀
If you still think that your favourite shitcoin has a chance to overtake LINK, i don't know what to tell you.
JFly 21-May-19 09:52 PM
We top 25
Trying to break ATH
AJ 23-May-19 10:38 PM
To inspire you with the limitless potential of connected smart contracts, we put together a list of 44 ways to use Chainlink.
Powerhouse (edited)
AJ 24-May-19 11:35 AM
When is the blog post from Sergey coming up??
apollo 24-May-19 11:41 AM
😢 😢 I kept putting it off and never got any. Watching it go this past months has me crying inside
AJ 24-May-19 12:04 PM
It can still 10x
It is chosen by them. That's most bullish indicator one can ever get
SWIFT, NYSE, ICE are yet to come ;)
AJ 24-May-19 12:13 PM
Well well well
AJ 24-May-19 12:31 PM
Reposting cause friggin mainnet
AJ 24-May-19 12:55 PM
Partnerships\Customers Date,Company or Project Name,Announcement Link 1,Customer\Partner Official Site,Announcement Link 2 12/18/2017,ZeppelinOS,, 7/16/2018,ClinTex,
Could do something similar for sovrin
AJ 25-May-19 12:08 AM
AJ 25-May-19 05:56 AM
Final shake off before mainnet moon I guess
Won't be swinging, dangerous imo
AJ 25-May-19 07:31 AM
Since contracts are limited to #blockchain, can't make network requests from a #TRON contract. Oracles solve this by watching the blockchain for events & publishing the results of a network request. In this way, contracts can interact with off-chain world.
Comments full of "bend the knee" (edited)
AJ 26-May-19 06:09 AM
As Secure Data Links we are proud to introduce ourselves as a trustworthy, secure & reliable service provider for the Chainlink network…
JFly 27-May-19 06:49 PM
JFly 27-May-19 06:57 PM
If anyone is looking for an entry on LINK 🤷 Not financial advice
Well, not my financial advice
Mau 28-May-19 05:21 AM
Highly dependant on what BTC will do, almost for all alts (edited)
AJ 28-May-19 11:40 AM
Shyft is excited to announce a new collaboration with Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely…
Layers of irony
XYO is also on LINK train now
Chad 28-May-19 12:17 PM
Lol i read swift at first
JFly 28-May-19 02:10 PM
Archviz 28-May-19 02:11 PM
Not letting me view 🤔
AJ 29-May-19 05:17 AM
Jesus spoke 💕💕💕💕💕
JFly 29-May-19 05:37 AM
🎅 1
AJ 29-May-19 11:46 AM
Happy #linkmas eve frens. Don’t forget to leave a tray of Big Macs under your toilet tonight for Sergey Clause.
Friendly reminder that the 4th Industrial Revolution begins tomorrow.
See you on the other side
AJ 29-May-19 01:46 PM
Salesforce announces its first blockchain partners including Arizona State University. The product will add blockchain to its popular CRM products.
AJ 30-May-19 01:17 AM
Smart contracts can automate certain things, but they won't be a cure-all
Business Insider fudding
AJ 30-May-19 08:50 AM
Check out the new and improved @Kaleido_io Marketplace including new technology partners, improved middleware services and much more. @quorum #Tessera @chainlink @PegaSysEng @trufflesuite #IPFS
Archviz 30-May-19 04:03 PM
We’re thrilled to announce that Chainlink’s decentralized oracles are live on Ethereum mainnet; Thank you to our community, node operators, developers, and all of our supporters for helping us get to this important point, thank you.
JFly 30-May-19 06:06 PM
Posted earlier, it wicked to 11k. Maybe a good time to get in
👌 1
AJ 31-May-19 06:12 AM
I luv this place 😂
AJ 31-May-19 09:29 AM
Our unannounced product is finally being announced! After been under-wraps and in active development for over 4 months with no-one other…
Must read.
AJ 01-Jun-19 03:24 AM
@Crypto___Oracle Been looking forward to this. Enterprise CEOs take note. 2019 and 2020 will be a little deja vu from 2015. We learned to demand blockchain then. Now, we learn to demand the mainnet in all our system integrations. This and @chainlink announce make today a b...
@jwolpert @chainlinkmarket @Crypto___Oracle @chainlink > SideJam is an approach to using the Ethereum mainnet as a message bus between confidential state machines. This sounds awesome!
AJ 01-Jun-19 12:49 PM
Y'all gonna find this really interesting:
Yarci: 6. Calling-Card Crimes As noted above, ecosystems for decentralized smart contract systems (e.g., Ethereum) are expected to incorporate services that provide authenticated data feeds, digitally signed attestations to news, facts about the physical world, etc. This powerful capability will the range of CSCs very broadly to encompass events in the physical world, as in the following example: Example 2 (Assassination CSC). Contractor C posts a contract Contract for the assassination of Senator X. The contract rewards a perpetrator P for commission of this crime. The contract Contract takes as input from a perpetrator P a commitment vcc specifying in advance the details (day, time, and place) of the assassination. To claim the reward, P decommits vcc after the assassination. To verify P’s claim, Contract searches an authenticated data feed on news to confirm the assassination of Senator X with details matching vcc. 6.2. Other calling-card crimes Using a CSC very similar to SiteDeface, a contractor C can solicit many other crimes, e.g., assassination, assault, murder, sabotage, hijacking, kidnapping, denial-of-service attacks, and terrorist attacks. For successful contract construction, a perpetrator P must be able to designate a calling card that is reliably reported by an authenticated data feed. (If C is concerned about suppression of information in one source, it can of course create a CSC that references multiple sources, e.g., multiple news feeds.)
This guy ( Ari Juels ) authored the chainlink whitepaper. (edited)
Yarci is a far more religious LINK marine. And a friend of mine. (edited)
Smart contracts are yet to be adopted and they are already discussing it's disturbing use-case.
Will we see the first high profile assassination through smart contracts ? Time will tell.
AJ 03-Jun-19 10:51 PM
Chainlink mainnet will not be next week - "/biz/ - Business & Finance" is 4chan's imageboard for the discussion of business and finance, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin.
AJ 04-Jun-19 02:16 PM
We listed Chainlink 🔥 Chainlink is a decentralized oracle that can provide external data to smart contracts. 👉 #defi #ethereum @chainlink
The Italian Government's Index of Public Administrations has released an external adapter that allows their API to be queried by #chainlink nodes. #smartcontracts #automation #Blockchain
JFly 04-Jun-19 09:16 PM
Big breakout on LINK
AJ 05-Jun-19 04:48 AM
Linkie friends are saying Ann imminent today. Blogs or partner...
Mood in the camp is better after the mainnet flop. I ain't following Chainlink directly. I am digging PSD2 stuff atm
AJ 05-Jun-19 04:58 AM
Check out Scaling Eth tomorrow as the whole day is dedicated to oracles and dexes. The event will live stream the event including Sergey's speech tomorrow. #chainlink $link #Ethereum
AJ 05-Jun-19 09:02 AM
@Sebas, Thomas ( Chainlink Integration Engineer) will conduct a live demo on HOW TO RUN A NODE😂
1:30 PM CST
Sebas 05-Jun-19 09:22 AM
Chad 05-Jun-19 10:14 AM
Literally hundreds of teams
AJ 05-Jun-19 10:37 AM
Agreed dudeeeeeee
Backbone of Fourth Industrial Revolution
Today was a real nice day. Two of my favourite projects bringing Top quality partnerships to the fore
AJ 05-Jun-19 11:07 AM
$LINK added more here 🔥 - Textbook breakout of massive falling wedge on HTF - MACD bullish - TON of volume pouring in - Just announced partnership with $ONE - Rumor of huge partnership to be announced this weekend Very, very bullish
My man Sergey from @chainlink talking Oracles live at @ScalingETH People ask me all the time if Maker will ever use Chainlink. Won't answer that today ;) but always happy to see other approaches to this problem
AJ 05-Jun-19 09:35 PM
THIS IS THE MONTH - "/biz/ - Business & Finance" is 4chan's imageboard for the discussion of business and finance, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin.
LINK would go parabolic if MSFT gets announced this month
Chad 05-Jun-19 11:24 PM
This is juicy
AJ 06-Jun-19 12:05 AM
Imagine falling for MSFT Cryptlets isn't Chainlink fud
AJ 06-Jun-19 05:15 AM
Summarized @Chainlink presentation of @SergeyNazarov and Alex Coventry at Scaling Ethereum 2019 discussing high quality oracles and treshold signatures. @ScalingETH Link to referenced blog on the video: #Chainlink $LINK #Ethereum $ETH #ScalingEthe...
$LINK is decoupling from BTC slowly but surely. Top 10 market cap soon. $BTC $ETH this correlogram at hourly prices shows that $Link, $ZIL and $ICX are the less correlated.
Mau 07-Jun-19 04:39 AM
interesting pic
AJ 07-Jun-19 05:26 AM
Awesome to see an open source integration of @DAMLdriven and @ethereum by @liakakos! Next week we'll build an embedded DAML ledger on the Ethereum network at the @initc3org bootcamp at @cornell
DAML is going to be used for Derivatives by ISDA
LINK + Digital Asset sooooooooooon
Chad 07-Jun-19 12:17 PM
⧉infominer 07-Jun-19 08:03 PM
1 coin has been building an impressive narrative + meme combination and although it's been tweeted about frequently by a select few, most crypto investors have no idea what it is or how to buy it. Which coin is it? ^^
AJ 08-Jun-19 04:13 AM
Get your Duck in a row line has been removed from the DocuSign page describing IDEA Act (edited)
You have 1year left ;)
Chad 08-Jun-19 11:31 AM
It got removed?
AJ 08-Jun-19 12:10 PM
I am unable to locate it. Rechecked after a long time... Couldn't find it
scipio27 09-Jun-19 03:09 AM
Ohhh uniswap using
AJ 10-Jun-19 11:25 AM
AJ 10-Jun-19 12:59 PM
We're excited to announce that Reserve is partnering with @chainlink to provide reliable price data to our protocol. This is an essential component of making decentralized stablecoins a reality.
Chad 10-Jun-19 01:12 PM
Reserve 🤔
Chad 10-Jun-19 09:48 PM
Its got some big backers
AJ 11-Jun-19 01:12 AM
Stablecoin and digital payment app @reserveprotocol to use Chainlink for price data to bring currency stability to countries with high inflation.
FB coin is within reach
Chad 11-Jun-19 09:05 AM
The even cheng connection
AJ 11-Jun-19 11:30 AM
These complex #smartcontracts will bring about new standard for digital agreements, and will eventually be used to process TRILLIONS of DOLLARS 💵 across global industries that power banking, insurance, trade finance and more. ⁦@Chainlink⁩ $LINK 🦆
The Chainlink / Facebook Connection Thread including all things Facebook blockchain, GlobalCoin / Project Libra / stablecoin, and key employees (incl. dates & references) + Chainlink breadcrumbs. #GlobalCoin #ProjectLibra #Libra #Blockchain #Crypto #Chainlink #4IR #Faceboo...
@ace_papaya @facebook @chainlink We will have to wait for next week for any kind of confirmation but here is what we do know. We know Sergey has presented to Facebook in 2018. We know Evan Cheng is on Chainlink and Facebook's Blockchain teams. We know the FB Stable coin w...
Not only does Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal, back #chainlink's newest partner, @reserveprotocol, he also sits on Facebook's board. The Same Facebook that is about to announce a similar stable coin which will also need an oracle. $link https:/...
DocuSign has joined forces with the Accord Project/@AccordHQ! See how together we're laying the groundwork for smart agreements and leveraging a foundation in world-class standards:
Finally the Accord project fud can die
Fud was that the Chainlink + Accord Project Partnership posts on medium and twitter were taken down without any reasoning.
And Chainlink isn't directly listed on Accord Project's website. It is listed as
AJ 11-Jun-19 01:23 PM
Chainlink provides oracle services to smart contracts capable of tamper-proof inputs and outputs of real-world data, events and…
Hundreds of thousands of teams
Excited that @go_chain is joining the growing group of projects using Chainlink to connect real-word data into their blockchains.
I love the CL memes
AJ 12-Jun-19 03:48 AM
AJ 12-Jun-19 05:04 AM
Chainlink provides oracle services to smart contracts capable of tamper-proof inputs and outputs of real-world data, events and occurrences SAN FRANCISCO , June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --  GoChain is teaming ...
JFly 12-Jun-19 07:12 AM
Absolute unit
AJ 12-Jun-19 07:37 AM
A due-diligence and marketing firm specialized in cryptocurrencies.
It is going to blow off real soon
Heard a dev-shill...
A node.js Oracle for Ethereum contracts. Contribute to ReyHaynes/ethereum-oracle-js development by creating an account on GitHub.
He was using Oracle.js before advent of Chainlink. Now he is in love with simplicity CL provides
Chad 12-Jun-19 10:28 AM
Matic Network integrates with Chainlink to enable decentralised oracles on its Layer 2 Plasma-fied sidechain network
AJ 12-Jun-19 12:04 PM
Yes babyyyyyy
We are so going on Coinbase
AJ 12-Jun-19 12:58 PM
Lord Sergey speaking
AJ 12-Jun-19 06:54 PM
Square has hired former Google director and Bitcoin Optech contributor Steve Lee as the first member of its new crypto team.
They hired Town Crier's patents first 😏
Chad 13-Jun-19 09:36 AM
The Chainlink / Facebook Connection Thread including all things Facebook blockchain, GlobalCoin / Project Libra / stablecoin, and key employees (incl. dates & references) + Chainlink breadcrumbs. #GlobalCoin #ProjectLibra #Libra #Blockchain #Crypto #Chainlink #4IR #Faceboo...
AJ 13-Jun-19 10:47 AM
AJ 13-Jun-19 11:34 AM
35+ confirmed users of the @chainlink decentralised #oracle network and counting... 🔥🔥🔥 Just wait until they bring out the big guns! @Microsoft @swiftcommunity @SamsungUK @Apple @facebook @Cisco @Siemens @IBM @Uber @Tesla @AXA @Sony @HSBC @Citi #youjustwin #du...
AJ 13-Jun-19 12:56 PM
This post describes applications for making internet-hosted data available inside an immutable public blockchain by placing BigQuery data available on-chain using a Chainlink oracle smart contract.
👌 1
An oracle is a blockchain middleware that creates a secure connection between smart contracts and various off-chain resources. In order for smart contracts to gain mass adoption, they need secure and reliable oracles to connect to external off-chain data and systems.
AJ 13-Jun-19 01:16 PM
We're thrilled to share that Google is one of the great companies integrating #Chainlink into their approach to smart contract adoption. Here's how @GCPcloud users can use Chainlink to connect to BigQuery, one of Google's most popular cloud services.
Google Partnership 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Archviz 13-Jun-19 01:16 PM
Hahaha. /BIZ right now
JFly 13-Jun-19 01:16 PM
Holy sheeeeit
AJ 13-Jun-19 01:16 PM
AJ 13-Jun-19 01:30 PM
JFly 13-Jun-19 01:35 PM
Destrooooyed ATH
AJ 13-Jun-19 01:37 PM
Two of my biggest bags mooned in a row!
Lol Delta broke...
JFly 13-Jun-19 01:38 PM
Holy fuck
LINK broke 21k sats
AJ 13-Jun-19 01:38 PM
JFly 13-Jun-19 01:39 PM
Still going
AJ 13-Jun-19 01:39 PM
It will enter top 10 today haha
JFly 13-Jun-19 01:39 PM
Seems like it lmao
AJ 13-Jun-19 01:39 PM
I hope you guys bagged up...
It is like 1.80$ in a second
Gosh this is so much fun
And 2$
Got cancelled.. shame
JFly 13-Jun-19 01:52 PM
Just went back to see if bigdogg made any more posts and saw he made one on 01 Apr
Charts, forecasts and trading ideas from trader bigdogg. Get unique market insights from the largest community of active traders and investors.
Got me 😂
AJ 13-Jun-19 01:54 PM
If you don't know someone named Godfather prophecised Mega Partnership in June
I wouldn't shill a big fat supply token already at 300mill cap if there was no hype lol
I was personally expecting Microsoft or even Facebook on 18th
Google will open flood gates...
Few will buy the top. The reluctance to market buy by the whales is clearly evident.
But come bull , and it will shoot like ETH
Chad 13-Jun-19 01:59 PM
@AJ we won fren
We won
AJ 13-Jun-19 01:59 PM
Absolutely, fellow marineeeeeeee
netted 120% profit on both LINK and QNT
👌 2
One of the most memorable day lol
LINK is still undervalued
There's BTC, ETH, LINK and then the other shitcones :P
Clear demarcation now
Mau 13-Jun-19 02:11 PM
I will admit, i'm salty
I had been planning to enter, but war trying to perfect my entry (edited)
I want to congrats all you who are in, very nice!
With some of these you just have to buy when you know it's a good deal and buy some more if it goes down in price When eth was already up a ton when i bought it at 7$ but did not care as i was going to hold it anyway I had similar feelings about Link in assessing the way to buy it let's hope price for link maintains the level (edited)
🐳 1
AJ 13-Jun-19 02:15 PM
It has just begun. Tomorrow crypto shill accounts, yahoo, Bloomberg , Forbes , biz , reddit... Everyone will shill like anything
Chad 13-Jun-19 02:22 PM
Google was one of the early bread crumbs
Cant wait until microsoft and facebook hits
AJ 13-Jun-19 02:23 PM
The first image of this channel had Google cloud. Level 3 I guess on tip of the ice berg
Wait reposting
There it is
Looks like it is time to share some deep secrets
Don't be scared 😂😂 it's biz theories. Take it with a grain of salt.
Even Tezos has the same symbol
scipio27 13-Jun-19 02:40 PM
🙏🏽 was in the gym when link popped off. Most intense shoulder workout I’ve ever done 😂
AJ 13-Jun-19 02:40 PM
It should touch 3$
If not, I will be Hella mad!
The way Rory looked at the Ann, it is likely something epic is yet to come
JFly 13-Jun-19 03:14 PM
LINK is draining the volume from all alts 😂
AJ 13-Jun-19 03:38 PM
Google rt-ing!
Chad 13-Jun-19 04:04 PM
Flipped +75% on $LINK. Next all in: $LTC @ $129
Chad 13-Jun-19 04:14 PM
Our man godfather sold
Archviz 13-Jun-19 04:17 PM
Seen a few taking profits
Sebas 13-Jun-19 07:34 PM
when to buy again? 1.4?
Chad 13-Jun-19 10:37 PM
This is new territory fren
AJ 14-Jun-19 01:49 AM
Don't make the same mistake as Godfather. Buy while there's still time
Found something epic
I find LINK and QNT almost everywhere lol
Lee Braine is again part of the UCL team
Paolo Tasca , Lee Braine and Richard Brown ( CTO R3) are good friends. You can find them together almost everytime
AJ 14-Jun-19 02:06 AM
Barclays, ISDA, UCL, Norton Rose Fulbright explore development of master templates to enable banks to trade and manage securities on distributed and shared ledgers.
AJ 14-Jun-19 01:13 PM
Ari Juels, a professor of computer science at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, has been named the Weill Family Foundation and Joan and Sanford I. Weill Professor – the first endowed professorship at the institute.
Announced like 5 hours ago👀
Announcing our collaboration with @chainlink, the de-facto Oracle of choice for many blockchain projects
Chad 14-Jun-19 02:24 PM
Never heard of these guys 🤔
Still recovering from google
AJ 14-Jun-19 04:21 PM
Ari Juels just got academically knighted dooooooooooood
Technion still shills LINK + SWIFT + 11000 banks
Technion is the UCL of Israel
Chad 14-Jun-19 05:35 PM
👀 👀 👀 👀 👀
Coinbase is gunna need to list link asap after this binnace fud
Chad 14-Jun-19 10:18 PM
👀 1
AJ 15-Jun-19 01:58 AM
Microsoft confirmed
Yet again
Chad 15-Jun-19 08:22 PM
You think we see chainlink mentioned during the facebook libra whitepaper release next week?
AJ 15-Jun-19 09:00 PM
Possible... Off chain connectivity should mentioned in one way or another
Chad 15-Jun-19 10:59 PM
So much facebook crumbs
AJ 17-Jun-19 02:07 AM
42 - "/biz/ - Business & Finance" is 4chan's imageboard for the discussion of business and finance, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin.
Biz is again talking about the occult relationships with Ari Juels (edited)
I honestly don't take them that seriously lol. It's a fun conspiracy theory.
Chad 17-Jun-19 02:14 AM
AJ 17-Jun-19 02:16 AM
Funny that the last time thread of this level was back in early 2018. 😂
AJ 17-Jun-19 07:23 AM
Back to 1.90$
FB shitcoin is tomorrow
Chad 17-Jun-19 10:33 AM
Dapps Inc. collaborates with Chainlink to enable Salesforce Users with accurate, real-time data
Chad 17-Jun-19 10:46 AM
Enterprise #blockchain company @Dapps_inc integrates with Chainlink to enable Salesforce users accurate, real-time data feeds for smart contract management. #smartcontracts
Basically a salesforce proxy
AJ 17-Jun-19 11:49 AM
Nice. Again playing out well with the tip of the iceberg graphic
AJ 17-Jun-19 12:02 PM
Kaiko is now live as an official Chainlink node operator and data provider! @Kaikodata will provide trade and aggregated cryptocurrency market data to #chainlink's decentralized oracle network.
Linkie stays super stinkyyy
Reposting :
Salesforce announces its first blockchain partners including Arizona State University. The product will add blockchain to its popular CRM products.
AJ 17-Jun-19 01:50 PM
AJ 17-Jun-19 02:08 PM
Aah waiting for some FB crumbs tomorrow. The volume is insane atm
WatchBro 17-Jun-19 02:18 PM
Looking forward to see Chainlink enter top 10 in the future. It definitely deserves to be there. One of its biggest advantages imo is from its loyal fan base of 4chan’ers. Crypto and subsequent pricing is really driven to a large degree by the size of each projects community. (edited)
AJ 17-Jun-19 02:38 PM
Chad 17-Jun-19 02:41 PM
AJ 17-Jun-19 02:42 PM
Naah rumours floating around...
Chad 17-Jun-19 02:42 PM
Gotcha 😁
AJ 17-Jun-19 02:42 PM
Evan Cheng is being shilled on plebbit
Price action is really weird
Chad 17-Jun-19 02:53 PM
This price action is really weird now
Maybe its the google news still giving it a punch, xlm did jump and retrace with IBM news
Then sky rocketed
JFly 17-Jun-19 03:08 PM
Most alts getting slaughtered would have something to do with it
AJ 18-Jun-19 05:16 AM
In 2004, Harvard University drop-out Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, a dorm-built site that would trigger and drive the social-media revolution. 15-years later Zuckerberg’s Facebook is hoping to breed a new revolution with its own cryptocurrency, finally revealing their ...
Oracle problem mentioned
Ctrl + f boysss
We are going to make it
AJ 18-Jun-19 05:33 AM
Ahh okay there's no mention of Oracle in WP or technical paper ... It is just Blockcrypto stating the obvious (edited)
Chad 18-Jun-19 01:54 PM
Professor @AriJuels named the Jacob Technion-Cornell Institute's Weill Family Foundation and Joan and Sanford I. Weill Professor, the first endowed professorship at the institute.
WatchBro 18-Jun-19 04:18 PM
Dreaming of sub $1.50 chainlink
AJ 19-Jun-19 09:17 AM
View more about this event at CloudEXPO 2019
Oracle to Present Oracle Blockchain and Chainlink June 24-26, 2019 at CloudEXPO Silicon Valley @Oracle @ORCLBlockchain @FRibeiro1 @Chainlink @OracleStartup #AI #IoT #IIoT #FinTech #DataCenter #Blockchain #Bitcoin #ChainLink #SmartContracts #Smart...
5 days
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