A growing assortment of knowledge related to the history of Bitcoin.

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This is all getting some serious re-vamping in the coming months.

Down the @TheCryptoconomy Rabbithole

Guy Swan - @TheCryptoconomy Essential Episods

Audio for Hundreds of Essential Bitcoin Articles. @TheCryptoconomy - Guy Swan….. These Podcasts are essential. So I made an index of them, organized by topic.

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History related to Bitcoin

The Agoric Papers

40 minute read

This paper examines markets as a model for computation and proposes a framework–agoric systems–for applying the power of market mechanisms to the software do...

Down the @TheCryptoconomy Rabbithole

13 minute read

Guy Swan has recorded thousands of hours, reading essential Bitcoin literature. Here’s a linked list of episodes organized by category.

Blockchain and the United Nations

17 minute read

2010, the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development [CSTD] proposed the introduction of a technology-driven universal currency. A BitMint would...

JW Weatherman Inverviews Timothy C. May

73 minute read

“As a quick introduction: by the mid 80s Tim was already famous for solving something called the alpha particle problem when he was working at Intel and then...

History of Permissioned Ledgers

4 minute read

bureaucracies are so heavily invested in the expertise and importance of local regulations and standards that it’s extremely difficult for them to cut the Go...

Before Bitcoin

8 minute read

Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is not secrecy. A private matter is something one doesn’t want the whole world to kno...

Electronic Cash, Before Bitcoin

8 minute read

Each RPOW or POW token can only be used once but since it gives birth to a new one, it is as though the same token can be handed from person to person.

Cypherpunks and the Crypto Wars

15 minute read

Phil Zimmermann was a key player in this period. The PGP software he authored was considered as munitions by the US government and subject to export licenses...

Bitcoin History

14 minute read

“The first recorded claim of bitcoin’s demise was in 2010, on a little-known blog that found itself posted on a record of ‘bitcoin obituaries’ collected by 9...

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napsterization.org - Who Stewards the Personal Data Question? Org Chart

History Surrounding Self-Sovereign, Decentralized, Identity.

Starting with David Chaum in the 80s, PGP, the International Planetwork Conference, Agenda for Sustainable Development, GDPR, and Bitcoin to the Present.

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cypherpunk essentials

Using PGP, Escrow, and Cryptocurrency Keysignatures

Asymmetric Encryption: Phil Zimmerman, PGP, Bitcoin and Ethereum key-signatures, Escrow, SSL, Various Apps and Resourses.

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learn pinescript tradingview

Learn Pinescript-Tradingview.

Resources for learning to trade with Tradingview’s Pine Script.

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