SourceCrypto Transcripts

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I’ve merged the transcripts into this site, proper. Now that I know how to use Minimal Mistakes Jekyll better, I can see how it makes more sense to have them in the same site setup.

Smart Signatures - Christopher Allen

26 minute read

I want to talk about smart signatures, there have been a number of experiments in this area, the most successful is Bitcoin. The first attempt to come up wit...

JW Weatherman Inverviews Cypherpunk Legend

73 minute read

“As a quick introduction: by the mid 80s Tim was already famous for solving something called the alpha particle problem when he was working at Intel and then...

Cypherpunks and the Crypto Wars

8 minute read

Phil Zimmermann was a key player in this period. The PGP software he authored was considered as munitions by the US government and subject to export licenses...