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Each video, or podcast, that I've prepared a transcript for provides a unique value.

These are reference documents. It takes a massive amount of time to prepare each one, as roughshod as they may be, and mostly they are a work in progress.

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Smart Signatures - Christopher Allen

I want to talk about smart signatures, there have been a number of experiments in this area, the most successful is Bitcoin. The first attempt to come up with a language for smart signature requirements was the deterministic predicate expressions language by Peter Todd…

26 min read

Public vs Private Blockchains for the Enterprise

This is a very special podcast for us as it is our first debate format on Insureblocks. We were extremely privileged to have two titans/Jedi Masters from the blockchain community join us for this podcast. On one side we have Richard Brown, Chief Technology Officer from R3, builders of Corda, advocating for enterprises to use private blockchain systems. Whilst on the other side we’ve got John Wolpert, Team Lead at Web 3 Studio at Consensys, builders of Ethereum based blockchains, advocating for enterprises to use public blockchain systems. - Insureblocks - Public vs Private Blockchain for Enterprise - APRIL 7, 2019

46 min read

John Wolpert of ConsenSys talks awesomeness at Consensus 2018 CoinDeskLIVE

Now we’re seeing I think a lot of entities like your former employer IBM, you know, certainly Deloitte, big-name businesses that are interested in blockchains - but they’re also interested in crypto assets. I think for a lot of people consensus 2018 might be this convergence point. Let’s wind back the clock, where did we start and how did we get here? Because I know early on these two communities were a bit like oil and water.

18 min read

Stephan Livera Podcast 53 with Andreas Antonopolous

..the term was coined by Vitalik return who used it to criticize the position that only Bitcoin matters or only Bitcoin will survive and I think that might be perhaps overstating it. but it was very quickly embraced by quite a few people who who found it to be a very comfortable position to take, and didn’t see that as a provocation by Vitalik.

49 min read

History of Blockchains for Business at HGF2018

This talk focuses on the history of blockchains in a business context as lived and told by the CEO of the first company to build a permissioned, smart contract compatible blockchain codebase (the codebase currently known as Hyperledger Burrow).

There are three phases to the talk and a predominant lesson for the future of blockchain network implementations will be gleaned from each phase. In the first phase the talk will focus on the early days – when the community of businesses seeking to utilize blockchains were vanishingly small. This phase, known as the `huh?` phase was formative for where the technology currently is. The second phase of the talk will focus on the hype driven buzz phase of the technology which drove a huge amount of top down activity. Finally, the third phase of the talk will focus on the phase the technology is just entering where all the software folks get to work.

16 min read