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Each video, or podcast, that I've prepared a transcript for provides a unique value.

These are reference documents. It takes a massive amount of time to prepare each one, as roughshod as they may be, and mostly they are a work in progress.

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JW Weatherman Inverviews Cypherpunk Legend

“As a quick introduction: by the mid 80s Tim was already famous for solving something called the alpha particle problem when he was working at Intel and then in the early nineties he and a few friends founded the cypherpunk movement, and that’s responsible for a lot of the freedom that we enjoy today.

They really fought and won the crypto Wars in the 90s and for me and a lot of other folks that’s really a turning point in history where we headed from you know what was probably gonna be a fairly dystopian future, to one where I can see a lot of individual liberty on the horizon.”

74 min read

Hyperledger Global Forum 2018 — Microledgers and Edge-Chains

“My name is Daniel Hardman, I work with Hyperledger Indy project. I’m going to talk about some concepts that have been marinating in my mind and in the minds of some people that I work with for quite a while. Not all these ideas are originally mine.

Microledger’s and edge-chains: I’m going to demystify that, and when you walk away I hope you’re gonna think of this as not so much a super technical session that you’ve been to but instead a session that kind of has some intriguing ideas for you to think about later in whatever you’re doing.”

37 min read